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Communication Strand:
Communication tasks in varied social contexts
Language Strand:
Practise structures, intonation and grammar of Italian
Culture Strand:
A look at Italian cities, festivals, music, sport and food
Site Description
Usborne Quicklinks: Picture Puzzles
  • Nine nice grammar and language lessons
  • Topics such as countries, age and shopping used to teach verbs informally
  • Easily printed worksheets of one page per lesson
  • Based on Italian for Beginners
  • Instructions in English

Online search for language materials

  • Good search engine for resources
  • Type in language/level/type of resource and you can review and order what's out there
  • Books, videos etc
  • Resources not accessible online: you need to order in the traditional way (addresses given)

Interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises

  • Lesson given before presentation of exercise
  • Very good and thorough set of exercises for teaching numbers and time in written form
  • Variety of exercises: matching games, crosswords and cloze procedures
  • Hints available
  • Answers must be input exactly eg a missing full stop or a missing accent will invalidate response
  • Up to 40 questions grilling your knowledge of points like the indefinite article: more suitable for secondary school
  • Wordy: no images or graphics
  • Check out the Italian version of what the children are already familiar eg Scarpetta di Cristallo
  • Cybernetic comics ready to download (need broadband): look at an up-to-date version of the Three Pigs with a multi-choice ending based on a safe surfing theme. (Difficult and colloquial language)
  • Links to Eurodisney and other Disney attractions
Fables and tongue-twisters
  • Download from a wide choice of myths and legends
  • Try a filastrocca
  • Some of the stories come complete with background soundtrack


  • Language can be difficult
Enchanted Learning Worksheets
  • Lovely variety of worksheets
  • All topics, from maps of Italy to parts of the body catered for
  • Complete access and printer-friendly versions of the worksheets are only available on payment of a $20 subscription
    (but this also allows you access to unlimited resources in other areas as well)
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