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Communication Strand:
Communication tasks in varied social contexts
Language Strand:
Practise structures, intonation and grammar of Italian
Culture Strand:
A look at Italian cities, festivals, music, sport and food
Site Description
Modern Languages in the Primary School Curriculum
  • Brief overview of the Pilot Project
  • Current work and small-scale pilot projects described
  • Links provided to relevant publications

Draft Curriculum Guidelines (1999)

  • All you ever wanted to know about what's in the curriculum, but were afraid to ask
  • 96 pages of distilled wisdom in PDF format
  • Describes the 3 strands of Communicative Competence, Language Awareness and Cultural Awareness
  • Clarifies what we're supposed to be doing in the 4 strand units of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Gives useful guidance in the areas of ICT, Language Topics, Language Functions and Classroom Language
  • Suggests approaches and methodologies
  • Caters for all four modern languages
  • You need Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Broadband recommended
  • You may end up by leaving the site feeling inadequate and anxious about your teaching
Teacher Guidelines (2001)
  • All of the Draft Curriculum - and more!
  • School planning and classroom planning guidelines
  • Exemplar lessons presented in concise, easy-to-print format
  • Dwarfs the Argos catalogue: how about 232 pages?
  • Be careful when printing an exemplar lesson: you might have a nasty surprise if you wander off and find you hadn't clicked on 'current page' in the printer properties
  • Exemplar lessons are in exemplary mother tongue: can be intimidating
  • Adobe and broadband necessary
Report on Feasibility of Modern Languages in the Primary School Curriculum (Jan 2005)
  • All the background rationale for including modern languages in the curriculum
  • General information on visiting language teachers (p. 50), Comenius language assistants (p. 56) etc.
  • Questionnaire completed by teachers (p.17)


  • Not recommended bedside reading
  • Adobe and broadband necessary
Teaching Schemes suggested in the British Curriculum
  • Lists exemplars on twelve topics ('units'), eg Myself, Family, Animals, Clothing, which we should endeavour to cover over the two years
  • Lists and sequences necessary activities
  • Lists objectives to MFL teaching (useful for cogging if you have to do notes)
  • Suggests activities for attainment targets of Listening and Responding, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Hmm..., these sound familiar. Now who's been cogging?


  • These are based on the British system, but are similar to our curriculum
  • The examplars given are in French, German and Spanish: ma che ca*** hanno fatto con l'italiano?
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