Scoil Raifteirí
Líosta Iompar Bulaíochta-Bullying Behaviour List

Is bulaíocht é nuair a dhéantar iompar atá líostáilte níos mó ná uair amháin le duine. Remember that bullying is when the behaviours below are repeated or done to a person more than once.

Ó Bhéal-Verbal Bullying
Verbal Bullying is- Name Calling, Teasing or slagging, saying hurtful things about some ones clothes, hair, things or family.
Saying bad things about a person's religion, language, colour or where they come from.

Idirlíon nó Scríofa-Cyber Bullying or Written Bullying
Writing nasty notes or graffiti, sending nasty text messages, using the computer to write nasty things about someone so that others can see it.

Ag bulaíocht go Soisialta-Social Bullying
Being deliberately ignored or left out. Being made fun of in front of others. Being given dirty or nasty looks. Being stared at. Being prevented from making new friends.

Bulaíocht bhagairtheach-Intimidation Bullying
Being given hostile or angry looks. Being ganged up on. Being threatened. Being followed.

Ag bulaíocht go fisiciúil-Physical Bullying
Throwing objects, blocking someone's path, being pushed or shoved. Being kicked, hit, pinched, tripped or head locked. Having clothes torn or pulled at. Hair pulling, scratching.