I squeeze through the ropes,
I step inside the ring,
My coaches in the corner,
The judges at their tables,
My family in the crowd.

My headgear strapped tightly to my head,
My gumshield in my mouth,
My laces tied round my boots,
My gloves are on my hands,

The ref pulls us together,
Tells us to touch gloves,
My opponent stares me in the eye,
A look of determination,
I hope to God,
That I can terminate him,

The fight is done,
I HOPE I won,
I shake hands with the ref,
Opposition Coaches,
And my opponent.

The ref holds our wrists,
Only one of us can win,
I really, really hope,
That the winner isn't him!

Seán Ó Grádaigh, Rang 6, 2013