Chuamar go dtí Livorno i Mí Bealtaine, 2009



I nostri ragazzi: the intrepid explorers




We enjoyed the train to Heuston and the bus to the airport





Our Italian friends were waiting with a big welcome



Il primo incontro





1: Visita alla Scuola




2: Visita a Firenze




3: Visita a Pisa




4: Food in Italy




5: Around Livorno




6: Memories of our Visit





Sadly, our time was coming to an end:




The weather was lovely and hot...


...but we had to return



We chatted in the plane





Ireland looked wet... was!


Grazie mille ai genitori, agli insegnanti ed ai ragazzi.

È stato una visita tremenda!


Ci rivedremo fra un po in Irlanda...