Literacy Circle Jobs

  1. Connector: Your job is to find and record connections between the piece of text and the outside world. This means connecting the reading to your own life, other stories, other people, similar events at other times and places.

  1. Artful Artist: Your job is to depict anything about the text that engaged you with a picture. It could be a character, the setting, an event, a surprise, a problem or a prediction of what will happen next.

  1. Summariser: Your job is to write and share a brief but interesting overview of the reading of the text so far

  1. Predictor: It is your job to predict what will happen in the next section of text to be read.
    Make predictions about what may happen next in the story, what may happen to the main characters or what you think should happen

  1. Question Master: Think of three interesting discussion questions which will get the group to share thoughts and opinions about the text. Ask questions like 'What did you think about…How would you feel if…What would you do if…'

  1. Word Wizard: Your job is to look for special or unknown words in the text. They may be strange, different, funny new…Find and record what new words mean.