An Suirbhé


Rinneadh suirbhé i Mí na Nollag, 2012
A Global Diversity Survey was completed by all students from 2nd to 6th Class

Clic anseo chun an suirbhé a dhéanamh


Seo an Suirbhé:



Seo na Torthaí:



1 Saorántacht: The term 'Global Diversity' is not well understood.

2 They have good knowledge of Fairtrade.

3 Éireannaigh ag taisteal: Three quarters of the children have already been abroad.

4 An Spáinn an áit mó a théimid: Spain is the most popular destination.

5 Three quarters of those who went abroad visited Spain.

6 Earraí Iompórtála: They have poor awareness of what we import from abroad.

7 Cairde ó thar lear: The children are in contact with others from many countries.



1 Obair Scoile: It is worth spending school time teaching about global diversity,
Spain, and products which Ireland imports.

2 Tionscnamh: A display in the hall should be put together to highlight imported goods.

3 Cairde ó thar lear: A project should be done highlighting friends from different countries.

4 Athdhéanamh: This survey should be repeated in May or June 2013.





Rinneadh suirbhé arís i Mí Deireadh Fómhair, 2013
The Global Diversity Survey was completed by students from 2nd to 6th Class


Question 5 was changed to get new information.
Instead of asking again about friends in Castlebar who have come from abroad,
the children were asked if they had friends or relatives living abroad.


Seo na Torthaí:



1: The terms 'global diversity' and the concept of Fairtrade are better understood

2: Despite recession, the percentage of children who have travelled abroad has increased!

3: Knowledge of the provenence of imported items has improved, but not by much.

4: Many children have relatives abroad, probably as a consequence of emigration.

5: The project work which was done as a consequence of the first survey was enjoyed.