Turgnaimh Eolaíochta


Deireadh Fómhair 2010 i gColáiste Daibhéid

We had a slideshow first.

Here's a picture showing the insertion of an artificial hip joint.

Níl gach duine ag iarraidh féachaint air!



We then did a number of experiments:


1: Acids and Bases










Blue Litmus Paper will turn red when exposed to an acid




Universal Indicator changes to red if it's in acid, or green if it's in a base







2: Brú an Aeir (air pressure)


Cad a tharla don channa seo?



Put some water in an empty tin

Heat it.



The steam generated will drive out the air.



Turn it upside down and plunge it into cold water.

The steam in the tin changes back to water, which takes up very little of the volume.

There is no air in the tin to counteract the external pressure, so it collapses.


Watch a video




If you blow up a balloon, it fills with air whose pressure increases.

When you release the balloon, the air will force itself out of the nozzle.

Watch a video of a balloon showing how a rocket works.






3: Heating Metals


The metal ball passes through the ring.



Heat the ball...



...the ball has expanded and cannot pass through the ring.



Conduction: metals conduct heat very well

The heat moves through the metal and heats the water at the end of it.





4: An Mícreascóip







Use the iodine to see better the cells of an onion











5: Ocsaigín


Let's produce some oxygen!





We remove the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide.

The manganese dioxide is a catalyst which speeds up the process.



The oxygen bubbles up through the water and is trapped in an inverted test tube.



The oxygen is invisible to us, but we know it's there as it relights a glowing splinter of wood.



Now let's burn a jelly sweet!



All that sugar can't be good for you!