animal poems

rang 6 2014





Smooth dotted cheeky
My eyes are blurring with the
Speed he is running
Beautiful eyes blinking clearly
Striking through the leaves.

My heart is pounding
As I watch him go
His feet taking every step
As fast as they can go

His soft fur is cuddly
And warm like a teddy bear
Wild strong
The wind races with him

He runs up to 113km
Nothing can beat his speed
Nothing can beat him









At the front of the house,
Stands a dog,
A dog that is mine,
Watching out like a bouncer at a nightclub,
Protecting the house,
He is the king.
He stays awake every day and night,
At night he stares out the crack in the curtain,
Trying to spot an enemy attacking his castle,
During the day,
He never leaves his position at the front,
He protects his castle,
And his people.
He will protect us every day,
He is our King,
Our protector,
And most importantly,
He is our friend.
Le Conchubhair





An elephant
Smashing through the jungle
Or plodding through the desert
Leaving circular footsteps
In the sand.

Or trapped in a zoo
People gaping at him
And marvelling
As he drinks out of his
green bathtub
Then applauding him
As he waves his trunk
In protest of the noise
The lions and tigers
Roar in envy
As he is tugged along
Outside their cages
And the young boys
Are throwing stones at him
And he longs to be away from here
Away from the noise
And the scrabble of small children wanting to touch him
He longs to be with his fellow Elephants
In the wild.








Polar bears
Standing strong and proud,
Watching over all the land
His creamy white fur,
Fluttering in the wind
Piercing blue eyes,
Staring at you on your arrival
Sharp claws in the snow,
Always ready to pounce
He watches his children with a protective eye
Any curious movement and he’s galloping
Through the cold Arctic air towards his young
Killing, fighting doing all he can
Determined to not lose a single cub
Description: polar bear.jpg
They can’t stand on their own though,
Not without our help
The ice caps are melting
They need land to stand on
Or they will stand no more
Ciara A




The Eagle

The Brown and white feathers,
And sharp yellow beak.
The perfectly accurate eye,
That watches high in the sky
The sharp claws
Talons to tear the prey apart.
Hundreds of feathers dancing
On the wings
Flying at a rapid speed.
No other creature can catch him,
 Except for themselves.

Description: eagle.jpg






Orange and black stripes
Flash as he runs past.
Strong, fast and smart
He rules the jungle.
People have lost intrest
In this jungle cat.
But I still think
This amazing animal
Is as extraordinary as ever.
Sleek, beautiful and standing proud,
You rule the jungle.
 Respected and powerful
The other animals bow down to you.

Ciara M





Height can be deceiving,
Unspotted in the wild,
But who’d look at the koala.
The most ferocious animal you will find.

Climbing up and down the tree,
Hunting its prey,
Insect or animal,
Tourists beware.

Aussie born,
Aussie raised,
He watches carefully atop the tree,
What’s happening inside its head?

Furry little koala,
Subject to many photos,
You may think you know the koala,
But just as you turn your back,
Something unknown occurs...





The Sloth

Digging his claws into the trees
Making large sleep dents in the foliage
Hugging the tree tightly
Not wanting to fall

Feels intimidated by the other animals
Gorillas swiftly climbing up the trees
Monkeys swinging from vines to vines
Ants claiming land by building hills
I slowly drift to sleep holding on to the tree.

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The Tiger

People have lost their interest in the tiger
How it moves swifly, gracefully across the jungle

Its green eyes as bright as emeralds
Seeing everything

Because of his beautiful fur,
He is hunted
Who could do this
to this amazing ceature?

Deep in the jungle they’re  hidden
Where they’re safe
So only a few can catch a glimpse of
These rare ceatures

Wandering alone
Not knowing the dangers that lie ahead
Relying on itself
Carefree and happy





Sneaky, Slimy, Silky.
Slithering around the desert ground, hunting for prey.
It is nearly sundown, he hasn’t eaten in days.
And there in a hole a rabbit is asleep.
He narrows his sharp eyes, and slithers silently towards the hole.
He hisses before sinking his sharp teeth into his prey.
A meal fit for a king.
Seán Ó

Description: File:Indiancobra.jpg




In my tank all day.
They only bother me to tease me with food.
I don’t like the other fish
But who is to know?

My memory span six seconds.
But I can’t forget pain.     
They give me a name, keep me
But I’d rather be thrown down the drain.

The apocalypse is coming,
Then you’ll see.
I’ll keep you all in cages,
And you’ll bow down to me.


Dónall Seoighe.




Black, white, brown and red horses
Galloping through the woods.
Their soft fur
Brushed every morning.
Riding with the jockeys
In the big Sunday races.
The strongest horses
Picked specially by the jockeys,
While the rest wait for their chance
To shine in the races.
Practising with the young horseriders
Who hope one day
They will be famous too.

Description: ginger horse.jpg

By Erin



lion                       Description:


You are the king of the jungle,
A leader and role model to all of the animals.
You are brave and fearless like a ruler of your own kingdom.

Your mane is like a giant fan,
 shading your face from the sun.
You stand your ground with strength and pride,
Protecting your animal kingdom.

Your roar is so powerful,
You could hear it from miles away.
You are strong, independent and respected,
Nobody can take that away.

By Afraic




Deadly, interesting and unstoppable,
His rapid fins move so fast to hunt for food,
His prey has barely any time to move.
He camouflages in the weed
Waiting for food to pop up above him.
His cheekiness helps him greatly,
To make him the great hunter that he is.

Paidí Ó Éineacháin



Polar Bears

White, fluffy, cuddly
Camouflaged in the snow
King of the pole
 Blessed with my white coat

Snow, slush and ice
My surroundings
Wet and cold
Not for a king

Fish, penguins and seals
I eat for breakfast
They serve to me
Under threat of cannibalism




The biggest mammal
Not taking in its enormous size
Not counting the many songs
It sings
It is still amazing.

People are forgetting it
Buried under the sea
Tucked away so no one finds it .

So long
It’s been down there
For years
Waiting to be discovered.

By Aoibhinn




The Tiger stands strong
Aware of her surroundings
She’s the queen of hunting
Her colours striking through the trees
She pounces like a strike of lightning
Like an Olympic athlete
She wins the gold
But the queen is falling
Being killed by hunters
They need help
To keep standing strong.

Emma Ní Mhaolachaigh




A Parrot,
Is not like a dog,
Will tell your secrets,
And will answer you back.

Doesn’t need weather,
Because it’s already a rainbow.

Big or small,
Short or tall,
What ever it is they do.
Fly in the wildlife all day long,
And maybe talk to you !

Description:                                                         Description:





Many houses have one of me,
A cuddly ball of soft fur.
I am God of my house.

I’ve two feet and two hands,
Or maybe four feet?
Or maybe four hands?
I’ve no idea myself.

From my soft golden fur,
Down to my sharp nails
On my small, tiny feet.

I sleep all day,
And run all night.
Sleeping pattern is ruined.

I eat everything I’m given,
With milk as my drink.
Maybe even a mouse or two,
As a little treat.

My owner treats me properly,
They worship me all day.
Some say I get
Too much attention,
But, I.M.O
It should stay the same.





Like a tall tree in the forest,
Waiting to move on.

Eating the leaves of the branches
Wondering if it`s going to be dark?

Tall, strong and smart,
The giraffe is truly great.

Looking at the small creatures,
Running through the grass,
Trying to catch some food

But he glances over at a tree,
Saunters along
And eats the bright green leaves.
The delicate tips at the top.




 The  hawk
The hawk has a great
View from above
Soaring in the blue
Scanning everything
Down below

It has great claws at the
Bottom of the feet
That have great grip.

Blade-like claws
 No prey can escape
Talons tear asunder
Until they’re dead


Le Seán Mag Uidhir




The Tiger
Is always aware if being hunted.
Too cunning for his enemies.
Reddish-black flashing fur.
Brilliant, unique shining eyes.
From no animal the tiger hides.

Has claws like a hundred knives
Strong, Powerful
All sparkling white.

Does what it wants.
Doesn’t get bossed around
Giving out orders
He’s the principal of the school playground.