My name is Pat, but people call me Postman Pat. I drive a black and white van and wear a blue suit. I also look after a black and grey cat named Tiger. He is very gentle. I wake up every morning at 7:30 am and drive to the Post Office to pick up the mail from the counter.

 I go to the addresses on the letters. While driving, I heard a noise coming from the back of my van, I looked behind the curtains and saw nothing. I put my eyes back on the road and I heard the noise again I looked back and saw all the letters ripped to shreds. I stopped the van and opened the back of the van. I had a little look around but saw nothing. But then, at the corner of my eye, I noticed the bag started moving. I slowly opened the bag and who was in there but my cat Tiger.

 I went back to the Post Office and told my boss what had happened. He asked me if I liked my job and I said “yes”. He replied YOU’RE FIRED!!!. I got a taxi back to my house and lay in my bed and I started crying. Then my cat Tiger walked in and lay beside me. I didn’t even like that job anyway.



A Day in the life of a Postman

Hi my name is Tom,
I live in the life of a postman, from Monday to Saturday. Every morning I go to the post office to collect all the letters. I than deliver them to all the houses in Castlebar. I have gotten to know all the houses...well almost all.
There is this old woman out the Turlough Road with a big house. Every morning I reach her house, she thinks that I am her dog because she needs a hearing aid and she is blind, so she hits me with her hand bag.
One morning, she was nowhere to be seen. The door was left wide open. Usually, her handbag was left at the door but not this time. Her handbag was thrown outside the door and her purse was gone. I entered the house to find her lying there on her good red carpet. I ran out the door to my van, grabbed my phone and rang the guards. The guards and the ambulance arrived ten minutes later. She was rushed to hospital.
There was a full investigation at her house. She had been robbed. The old woman died a few days later and I never had to go to that house again.


Day in the life of a post person

I just assumed today would be a normal day at work. I couldn’t be more wrong...
It all started when the alarm woke me up. I moaned and pleaded for five more minutes as I pressed snooze for the fifteenth time this morning. After it beeped again I finally looked at the clock. “Oh no” I said. I had five minutes to get to work.
I made it to work with just seconds to spare. I grabbed my bag with letters and rushed off to get my giraffe. Yes you read it right my giraffe. The office gave me a giraffe for my birthday. I hopped on my giraffe and we sped off to deliver all the letters. We were going about as normal when suddenly a hovercraft appeared and stole my giraffe. “NOOOOO” I screamed “GERRY!!!”
I grabbed his tail and held on for dear life but my hands slipped and I fell. Then I grabbed my trusty grappling hook and climbed up.
I entered a strange room and I looked all over the room for signs of Gerry. He was tied up in a corner. I hade just finished untying him when a person walked in. “hello Tom” she said. I instantly recognised her voice. It was my boss.....

Sinéad Ní Ghiallatháin



A Day in The Life Of a Post woman

 Hey, my name is Sarah. I’m a Post woman for An Post. I wake up every morning at 3.30 a.m. .I look at my clock in frustration. I force myself to get out of bed. I get changed into my An Post uniform and I go downstairs and get my van. It is a green van with a yellow logo of An Post on it.
I drive to the post office to collect the parcels and envelopes. The addresses  are usually printed carefully on the envelopes and parcels. Some are a bit hard to read but we always find the addresses of the owners. I deliver at least 700 packages. Today I had a different address.  Little did I know that was my last delivery.
I knocked on the door, but no one answered, I get very suspicious, and I slowly opened the door. I saw no one in sight. I walk into the sitting room and find a body on the floor. There was blood everywhere. I heard footsteps behind me I glance back. I was never found after that round of deliveries.


A Day in the Life of a Post-Person
Hi, my name is Lucy, and I’m a post-woman. Every morning I wake up at exactly 5:00am, before throwing my alarm clock across my bedroom. Then I get dressed, not forgetting to put on my ‘An Post’ hat.

At 5:30am, I leave my house on my red rusted bike and cycle to the post-office. I collect all the mail, and then head off. It might sound crazy, but I have a severe phobia of dogs. As this has a BIG impact on being a post-person, I make sure to have the most protective suits.

A few days ago, as I was cycling casually through an estate, one of my letters fell out of my post-bag. As I hopped off my bike to retrieve the letter, it started to blow away with the wind. Frantically, I sprinted around the estate, leaping through the air with every step, trying to catch it. Suddenly, it flew into a dog kennel. I walked slowly towards the house, shaking with every step.

As I got closer, I saw a sheep looking thing sleeping soundly inside. I placed my hand inside the house and grabbed the envelope, before running away. As I cycled to the next house, I prayed that nothing like that would EVER happen again.
Cáit M



Postman Thomas

Hi I’m Thomas the postman and this is my story. It was like any normal day I got up and went to the post office to clect the post and drop of the post I collected on the way there.
After delivering all the post, I got a phone call. There was an extra package I had to deliver right away because it was an overnight delivery. “I hate being a postman,” I thought to my self. I rushed to the post office.
When I got to the house, the door was open. I had the urge to walk in, but I did not because I had watched a horror movie last night and I was still scared. So I left the package at the next door neighbours.
It was a great idea because it turns out there was a psycho killer in the house with a gun. The person of the house died and, sinse they had no relatives, I got to keep the package. It had 1million euro cash and a solid gold statue incrusted with diamonds.
Now I am a millionare and no longer a postman.   



A day in the life of a postwoman

My name is Sal and I am a postwoman. Each day is pretty much the same;
I wake up bright and early at 5:30am. I have a big bowl of Weetabix and throw on my “an post” uniform. Then I hop on my black and white motorcycle and hurry down to the post office.
I gather all the letters and head to the addresses. I park my motorcycle outside their gates and creep up to the mail box, looking around and listening for the sound of a dogs bark, I am terrified of dogs.
I have been working for almost ten years now. I started because I wanted to travel the world but I have never got the chance. My job isn’t perfect but it isn’t that bad.
When I get home after a long hard day at work I take of my uniform and put on my onesie. Later I make myself a cup of tea and jump into my bed to get a long night’s sleep for another hard day that awaits me.