Ms. Stalkin

“She had a lot of idiosyncrasies, Ms. Stalkin” said Ciara’s dad, Sean to Ciara. It was a Tuesday evening and Ciara and her dad were talking. Sean was telling Ciara about their old neighbour, Ms. Stalkin. “When Ms. Stalkin walked out of her house, she would look around making sure no one was looking,then lock the door. She would then knock on the door seven times and put her ear up to the door” said Sean.
Ciara was curious about Ms. Stalkin and everything she used to do because when Ciara was a baby Ms. Stalkin passed away so Ciara never got to see or hear her. “What else did she do?” asked Ciara. “Well, I remember one time when I was walking past her house and all you could see inside was boxes”. “Boxes?” said Ciara. “Yes, her house was full of boxes stacked on top of each other filled with different things”. “The only other thing you could see was a bed on the ground for her pet cat, Charlie” said Sean.
Sean also told Ciara about the way she would communicate with other people. “I remember saying hello to her and she would reply back “what what, what did you say?” or “Hello” in a slow croaky voice”. Ms. Stalkin always had a grumpy look on her face, she never seemed to be happy.
Ciara still wonders about Ms. Stalkin and her personality. When Ms. Stalkin passed away her house was sold to a couple and her pet cat ran away so there’s nothing for Ciara to remember.

Caoimhe Nic Giobúin



Charlie Arsworth

He has a lot of idiosyncrasies you know...
Charlie Arsworth is a middle-aged man. He is moderately tall. He is broad shouldered but lanky. He has an awkward posture. It is almost like his back is being tugged to the ground with ropes. Charlie has brown hair, not much but enough to say he’s not bald. He wears an eyeglass because he got laser-eye surgery in one eye only.

When Charlie wakes up, he steps on the weighing scale (Charlie is very self-conscious of his weight). For breakfast, he eats three sausages, two rashers and one hashbrown. After eating breakfast, he feels that he needs to burn off a few calories. Charlie does 20 press-ups and no more. After all the press-ups he feels tired so he takes a 20 minute nap.

Charlie has your average middle-aged man attire, jeans and a shirt. Charlie always wears the same orange jacket despite the massive tear on the side.

When Charlie Arsworth listens to something or watches something on television, he tilts his ear towards the noise with an Elvis Presley sneer on his face. Charlie doesn’t socialise too much but he loves the odd chat. I wouldn’t tell him something funny though or you might as well listen to a pig eat its breakfast.

Séamus Balaski



Michael Flynn

He had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know. Michael Flynn wasn’t your typical 65-year-old man. Most people found his behaviour very strange, but they weren’t strange for Michael.

When he wakes up in the morning, Michael gets himself some breakfast. He always has the same thing for breakfast: a bowl of porridge with honey, cinnamon and blueberries, with a glass of orange juice. After breakfast, Michael always brings his two pet dogs Amanda & Dawson on a walk in the woods, near his house. But first, Michael goes around his house five times to make sure that all the windows and doors are closed.

Michael wears the same type of clothes every day. He always wears a black and white suit with a colourful handkerchief peeking out of his pocket. He wears a peaked had and odd socks. That is his style of dress, even in the summer. People give him strange looks as he walks around with the sun shining.

The funny thing about Michael’s idiosyncratic behaviour is that his neighbours think he’s normal but his dogs are a little bit odd. Amanda is a border collie and howls at the full moon every month. Dawson is a Jack Russell that only eats vegetables and runs after red tractors.

Some people think Michael is a little odd. As for his dogs, they are in a league of their own. We all have our own idiosyncrasies- don’t we?

Alisha Ní Scolláin




She had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know, old Melanie!

Melanie Mc Donnell was 64 years of age. She lived alone in a small bungalow just outside Dublin City. Every time she left the house, she had to look in every window (from the outside) just to make sure nobody was inside, but the really funny thing about it was that every time she looked she took off one shoe!
Melanie wore very strange clothes. Each item of clothing had to be a different of the rainbow. Today, when I saw her walking in her soldier-like way down the street, she had a long red skirt, purple tights, an orange t-shirt, a yellow jacket and a green hat on. She also had blue boots, indigo earrings and a violet necklace. I could see a group of teenagers pointing and laughing at her! I felt sorry for her!
One day my mum and I went to visit her. When we knocked on the door, she opened it with a confused face and patted both our heads as if we were her pets. Then she gestured for us to come inside. Then I saw something very weird! As Melanie was walking down the hall, she bent over and kissed everything she walked past, including her grandmother’s old vase and her cat “Leprechaun”. In the kitchen, we sat down at the small round table. Melanie put exactly five biscuits on a plate and placed it on the table but, before she did she pulled out all the chairs, (apart from the ones we were on) put the plate on the table and pushed the chairs back again! I thought it was very odd. After about an hour, we were lead to the door. She patted our heads once again and shut the door!
Although idiosyncratic people can be odd at times
They can also be very kind and I think they deserve
The same amount of respect as we do!!!


The Cracks

This is Billy. He is an old man and he is peculiar. He likes things in order. Everything in his house is smooth, there are no cracks and, if there are any cracks, he is not able to cope with it. He walks in a funny way because he hates walking on cracks. He can’t drive, so this makes it harder for him.
When Billy is walking to the shop, he can not walk on the cracks. If there are any cracks on the side walk, he has to cross to the other side or walk on the tips of his toes. People looking at him find it weird. Teenagers laugh at him but he doesn’t know why, because he doesn’t think what he is doing is strange.
Billy was walking to the shop when he noticed there were loads of cracks on the ground. Billy crossed the road to find that there were even more cracks there.  So Billy had to tip toe all the way down the street, until he got to the shop. Billy likes this particular shop because they don’t have tiles. Billy went into the shop. “Oh my God!” Billy said “There are tiles”. The shop had been redone and there were now tiles everywhere. Again Billy had to walk on the tips of his toes.
After Billy’s traumatic day, he went home to find that the council were working on the road and now it is full of cracks. Worst of all it was right outside his house. Billy didn’t leave his house for days. One day Billy had to leave the house because he ran out of food and toiletries. Billy didn’t go out the door. He jumped out the window and scaled the neighbour’s house but fell down and broke his leg. Then he realised he had a problem.
Billy tried to get over his fear over his fear of cracks. He tried and tried. He even saw a therapist but nothing was working. Billy isn’t that afraid of cracks but he still won’t walk on them.

Elisha Nic Athlaoich



      Farah Smallkin 

She had a lot of idiosyncrasies, Farah Smallkin. In the morning, she would wake up on top of her cat Jeff. The cat was pretty flattened by now but she didn’t really care. Once she got up she would run to the stairs and slide down the banister. When she got down the stairs, she would shuffle into the kitchen. Later she’d run outside and roll around in the grass.
When she’d get back inside, she would go into the sitting room and pick out her breakfast. For breakfast, she would have a half a cup of salt, a pizza with jellies and an energy drink. For dinner she would have 3 pancakes with French snails on top. For supper, she would have rice mixed in with bananas and a red bull energy drink. She would never eat anything else for her meals.
She would mostly wear a floppy hat, luminous yellow dungarees, with a green and yellow striped top underneath, high polka-dot socks and willies. When she went into town, she would always leave a rubik’s cube outside the door. She also put locks on all the doors and made sure the cat Jeff would be inside the bathroom
She went into town in her bright yellow car. She always wanted to be noticed. She would also always buy canned dog food for her car fresheners.
So that is Farah Small kin. She is pretty weird like I told you and has a lot of idiosyncrasies.




Barnaby Brocket

He had a lot of idiosyncrasies, Barnaby Brocket. Just a bit of an unusual character: then again, he always was. The way he dressed, the way he acted, walked and talked...all in all, an odd old man. He had a heart though, in there somewhere.  His  face  was a prune, only it was paper white. His eyes were the dark blue of a vein and sunken into his head like little slits in his face. His head was sort of sunken down in between. His shoulders and he was very stocky.
He had hair like twigs and a kindling beard.
He wore a chequered orange and grey shirt with a long white downie coat covered in pockets for his most precious belongings which included a long brown twig a little blac  book ,a concertina and a shrivelled-up daffodil. On his legs he wore brown corduroy trousers and black leather boots. He walked with a cane because he had had suffered an injury in the war. But he didn’t really need it. His leg had healed years ago but in his mind he still had an injured leg and limped.
He lived alone with his cat called Tibsy, as he was never very sociable or much good with women. The one person he did talk to was Johanna his carer who same once a week every Wednesday. He’d cherish her visits long conversations by the fire. He could really just connect with her.
His was a little white cottage with a bright red door at the front. Inside everything was so organised. He would only use certain cutlery and plates for different meals, occasions, and days. He knew exactly were everything was, he’d even use different soaps when different people came to visit him. He’d know if someone moved the couch a centimetre. He’d have his little table exactly 1.5 metres away from the couch for his feet, and he’d only sit on a certain spot on the couch so he’d get the right amount of light and heat from the window.
He would  wake up every night swimming in his bed clutching his leg. Screaming and drowning in the floods of sheets. Flashes of war scenes appeared in his mind. He’d  toss and turn until he fell asleep again, then it started all over again. His lack of sleep did not help his social situation. He wasn’t very well known for his kindness. But he had Tibsy who’d curl up around his legs as he sat in his rocking chair reading the newspaper.
Barnaby was a very peculiar man but he had a good heart and anyone who got to know him properly and looked on  the inside would grow to like him.

Róisín A



Billy Harpour

He had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know. Billy Harpour was one of the oddest people I knew. He would always wear a long peacoat and ties and he always had good posture.
When he sat down he would sit on the edge of the chair and he would always sit near a radiator or fire place. He couldn’t see very well and he insisted on not wearing glasses so he would always be squinting.
When he ate, he would always eat with a spoon even if it was spaghetti or noodles. When he would drink he would always drink from his one special cup. Whenever they were fished eating, he would always insist on cleaning up all by himself.
When he was talking, he would always do hand gestures to help people understand what he was saying because people had told him before that he would talk very fast. When he was listening to what people were saying he would always mutter ‘’ya‘’ under his breath as he leaned closer to the person that he was talking to.
Most people find his idiosyncrasies annoying or irritating, but I think most of the things that people find annoying actually make him more interesting. The best thing about his is when he laughs, he sounds like a little kid after being tickled. When he tells a story, everyone listens and all is quiet, it’s like you’re really there.

Aisling  Breathnach


Dan Collins

He had a lot of idiosyncrasies, you know. Dan Collins is my granny’s neighbour. One day when my cousins and I were at my granny’s house. After a while, we kicked the ball over the wall by accident. When we were over at Dan’s house, we knocked on the door we checked to see was anyone there. We looked in and there he was collecting his own toe nail clippings. We knocked on the window and he saw us he came and opened the door. As he was walking, he had a funny stroll. Dan is a nice kind man but he has a lot of idiosyncrasies.

Another day when we were at my granny’s house, my granny invited all the neighbours and all the family for dinner. Dan came along. When we finished dinner, Dan went back to his house. We followed him to see did have any more idiosyncrasies. As he went in to his house we jumped over the wall, through the long grass and sneaked up to his window. It was a cold dark evening and the rain was lashing down. We could see the reflection from the warm glowing fire as we got near the window.

Inside, Dan was sitting on a chair in the corner of the kitchen. He had a large reading light switched on beside him, and there he was peeling dead pieces of skin from his feet. He continued to do this for quite a while as we peered through the window. His feet were placed on a large white towel. And when he finished, he put the pieces of skin in the bin and the towel in the washing machine. At that point we ran back through the long grass and over the wall and back to my granny’s house for dessert.




Jack Smack
Some kids they called him weirdo, some adults too, truth be told……….


I liked him. Yeah he looked odd.  He had a pig called Stewart. Stewart wasn’t a boar. She had six piglets and he always took every single one of them on a walk on a lead. But he also listened when I spoke… I mean really listened.
We met at the lake. It was a chance meeting. When I fell on the thin ice and yelled for help as it cracked, then Jack Smack came. When I saw him, I was petrified. He had an axe and my first instinct was to run.
A little while later when I woke up I was surrounded by my family members. They said that a man called Jack Smack had saved me. They said I fell under the ice and Jack swam under and took me up by the leg and pulled me up to the surface.
Jack may be my hero, but he still had a lot of idiosyncrasies like his seven pigs and his odd look.
I learned a lot from my experience not to judge a book by its cover. To find out about someone myself not to listen to what other people tell me. Jack Smack is now firm friends with my family.




John Clarke

John Clarke lives in my neighbourhood. He is strange. You’d sometimes see him walking about on the front of his house with a note pad writing with a pen the same pen every time.
He walks swiftly and with his shoulders back. He looks around 50 years old and his house is very old-fashioned. He wears a Liverpool jersey a lot of the time. The jersey is from season 2003-2004. There is always smoke coming out of the chimney.
He has a weird egg cup. It has two holders for eggs. He always has two eggs with his breakfast. He puts lots of salt on it. He has rasher, beans and toast for lunch. He covers the toast with butter. For dinner he has mash, peas, carrots and broccoli.
When he leaves the house, he only buttons one button in the middle and always has his hood up with his ears sticking out. His car is old and he always turns it on and off before he starts driving.
Every two days, he’d go down to the shopping centre with pennies and buys 2l of milk and exactly 16.2l of petrol for his car. On his way back from the shop, he’d do his swift walk like he was in a hurry.
When he goes to bed, he checks all the windows about 4 times and doors that they are locked.



Mrs. Green

She had a lot of idiosyncrasies, Mrs. Green. She would wear a green top hat, bright pink stilettos, and a moth-bitten coat over a top down to her knees and orange skinny jeans. She had a yellow handbag filled to the brim with daisies which she never left the house without.
When she went to sleep, she first made sure that her cat, Jimmy, was safely under her bed with a box of cat treats. She would always wear a striped hat with six poofy pillows to keep warm. She said to anyone who asked that it was cold in her dreams.
She usually ate spaghetti for breakfast, and washed it down with a pint of Guinness. For lunch she would have yogurt, ketchup and cheese. For dinner, she would have toast with Cheerios on top. She refused to eat anything else.
When she went out, she made sure that all the windows and doors were wide open and she went back six times to make sure they were open. When she was inside, she locked the door in nine different ways.
Her house was filled with crazy miss-matching items. She had a beautiful fake glass cat, but ruined it by gluing a sock on it and hiding it under her bed to keep Jimmy company.
Mrs. Green was not married but called herself Mrs. Because she liked the sound of it. She also said that she was married to her cat, Jimmy.
So as you can see, Mrs. Green was a bit of a lunatic….. Or she just had a lot of idiosyncrasies.

Aisling T



Diarmaid Flaherty


He had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know… Diarmaid Flaherty, I remember him well. I remember the strange atmosphere that he brought to the dinner table and his misshaped pipe. I remember his little crooked nose the he presumably developed after many fights.
Every Saturday, the family would gather at my grandmother’s house. By half one, everyone had arrived, well, almost everyone. As everybody sat at the table and began to be served their dinner, the door would open with a creak and Diarmaid would step into the room.
His sharp red face and his blood-shot eyes were not a pleasant sight. He would grunt as he limped to the empty seat and his presence brought silence to the room. He’d serve himself with all eyes fixed on him. We waited for an excuse…..which never came.
After dinner, we’d all head into the sitting room, and Diarmaid would take the rocking chair as he usually would. He would place his walking stick leaning against the wall, and would begin lighting his pipe again. It felt pointless to have invited him as he never said much. But the second the door opened and in stepped my aunt with Diarmaid’s little grandson in her hands, his eyes would glimmer and his smile would rise at the sight of a baby boy. 

Laoise Ni Mhurchú



Mr Collins!

Mr Collins had a lot of idiosyncrasies but he was still a very nice man. Every day I’d visit him once my homework was done. We would sit down by the fire and have a cup of tea. One thing I noticed was that, before he’d make the tea, he would always tap the sugar dish ten times as if to get to get the lumps out.
His sitting room wasn’t very big nor was his kitchen. He was very old but would talk about when he was my age like it was only yesterday. While he was talking he would always have his old radio on but it would just make a crackling sound.
On my way to school, I would always notices him trying to open his front door after it was locked. He would do this ten times before going to the corner shop. He walked like a penguin in a sort of waddle. He would always have his head down while he walked.
Another thing I noticed was the fact he always carried old money and whenever he saw me he would give me two shillings or six pennies. My mum would always make dinner for him but he would put it on another plate and then give her back the other one.

I still like Mr Collins for who he is, even with all his idiosyncrasies!

Onagh Bairéad



Betty Ainsworth

Betty Ainsworth had many idiosyncrasies. She lived in a small thatched house out in Turlough with her pet pigeon Eevie.
Betty was a sixty seven year old woman with fluorescent red curly hair and dark brown eyes. She usually would wear a lot of make-up. She had a pink raincoat with turquoise stripes and orange dots down to her knees. Often before her walk she’d count all the orange dots one by one. Her walk lasted fifty three minutes no more, no less and always on a Wednesday or Sunday- no other day.
When she was sixty-one, she had just retired from her 20-year-long job as a well-known author.  She handwrote one book and photocopied the rest, she did this because of her special “R”. In every book she ever sold it never had a rightly written “R”. It was always back to front and in capital writing, she knew how to do it right  but  just thought it should be that way. When she wrote, her left hand rested on her head while her writing hand elbow stuck out. She retired because apparently she never liked writing even   though she was paid thousands a week. Any money she got from it she’d take ten euro from it and get rid of the rest.
Betty’s pigeon was her best friend. Her pigeon’s name was Eevie, she fed her everyday but fed her porridge flakes with a small bit of  banana with a pinch of cinnamon. Betty met Eevie when she wrote her first book. Eevie in when betty said “chair” and the small pigeon rested on her left shoulder. Since that day anytime betty said chair Eevie flew over a sat on her left shoulder.
Betty Ainsworth  knew people looked at her odd and knew she was odd but didn’t mind what other said or thought about her she was happy living in her small thatched house.

Sorcha Ni Fhallúin



Mr Williams


He had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know. Mr Williams was an old lonely man who lived by himself. Nobody really knows too much about his past except that he had always lived at number twelve Baker Street.
We all feel as if we know him well. He's a bit of an unusual character. He has different clothes for the days of the week. he’d wear the same clothes every  Monday with the same walking stick and he'd smoke the same pipe.
Whenever Mr Williams left his house for his daily walk he would lock the door three times and then kiss it for good luck I think. Before he left for his daily walk, he would always bring his violin. Then he would go to the corner shop and buy a loaf of bread and a newspaper. When he reached the park, he would do ten laps of the park. Then he'd feed the ducks for precisely five minutes. After that he would play his violin and play some of the nicest tunes I’ve ever heard.  I liked Mr Williams. He was a very unusual man but a very nice man too.

Ruaidhrí Ó Grádaigh


Nathaniel Kipling

Nathaniel Kipling a lot of idiosyncrasies as you know. He was as tall as a giraffe and as skinny as a shrivelled up twig. He had strawberry-blonde hair which was long and curly. He had two big round eyes, one blue the other brown. He had a small nose but he had a wide smile which could send happiness into anyone’s heart.
He lived in an old cottage that was quite small.  Every morning as he left his house, he would check all the windows 5 or 6 times. For his breakfast every morning he would have exactly one Weetabix and half a grated carrot. After breakfast each morning he would run around his house one hundred times: a distance altogether of three kilometres. Then he would feed his pets Maurice the monkey and Percy Pig. He fed them mashed carrots. Nathaniel Kipling had an obsession with carrots!
His profession by trade was a stay at home inventor and he used Maurice and Percy as Lab Rats. He had one big invention the jetpack! Guess who the first to fly with one was: Maurice!  His least famous one was the automatic egg-shell topper! He used to bite his hand whenever he was angry. He used to lock his car 5 or 6 times before he went inside his house. Nathaniel Kipling really did have a lot of idiosyncrasies you know. Well that’s my essay about Nathaniel, Maurice and Percy they really were a strange bunch!!!




  Mr Drizzle

“Mr Drizzle! He really is an odd one” that’s what people say when he passes. Personally he’s not too bad once you get past the purple velvet       Top-hat, clown clothes and the weird moustache and of course his fear of windows.
Whenever I visit, he always takes out two and a half biscuits and two and a half ml of tea. I met him when he moved into his house. There were loads of windows in it.
Once, I saw him crying like a baby in his front garden. His wife Mrs Drizzle, told me that on their holiday to Spain they had to change hotels because the hotel had over booked. They got put in a hotel with a load of windows so he forced the hotel workers to put the m in a room with no windows but they didn’t have any windowless rooms so they got transferred (again) to a windowless hotel

 Don’t laugh at idiosyncratic people:
   They are just being themselves.




Oswald Cobblepot


He had a lot of idiosyncrasies, you know. Oswald Cobblepot was a very odd character. For instance he looked like a penguin in a fancy black suit. He was small and crooked, which made him walk like a penguin. That’s where he got the name penguin.

He had a rather despicable personality, but he always had a soft spot for his mother. He always tried to act the gentleman around her. Oswald had seven chickens; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He used them to keep track of days. When he was sad he always turned to his chickens.

For breakfast he always had corn-flakes. After breakfast he always went for a cycle. He had a rather odd cycling style to say the least. He always had his head faced up in the air as if he was trying to find a bird. That’s way he was always crashing.

Oswald Cobblepot is in many ways not the most popular person on the block. He does not have many friends to say the least. But of course if you ask him this question he will more than lightly say he has too many friends. But most of the time I hear him say that I belief he is talking about his chickens, and I’m not even sure they are too fond of him either.

Oswald Cobblepot is a truly funny character and also very odd. He truly has a of lot idiosyncrasies.   

Séamus o hAodha




He had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know, some of them he had carried through from the moment he was born. Daniel Luigi is a top chef in a restaurant in Dublin. To look at him dressed in his black and white check trousers, his chefs white hat and safety boots, he looks like any ordinary chef, but underneath the clothed exterior is a man trapped in his childhood habits.
As a very small baby denial soothed himself by sucking his thumb. As he grew stronger, he rolled around and comforted himself on his blanket rubbing a particular yellow patch. It got to the stage where his mum could no longer wash the blanket for Daniel to rub and comfort himself. Every day, he walks around his big kitchen in the restaurant and out of his back pocket of his chef trousers peaks the edge of the yellow blanket.
His idiosyncrasies don’t stop here. Each morning as Daniel prepares for the day ahead, he organises his utensils pots and pans all in a line along with all the food he needs to prepare. This is something that Daniel used to do as a child with his toys he would organise them all in a line blocks, cars, trucks and toy animals stretching the length of the kitchen floor. Being this organised helps Daniel cope with the fussy restaurant and being a top class chef.



Tom Roach 

He had a lot of idiosyncrasies [I said]. Who has a lot of idiosyncrasies? [He said]. Tom Roach does [I said]. I don’t think he does [He said] Well he does and I’ll tell you about them [I said]. Actually, I’ll tell you everything about him [I said].
When he gets up in the morning he always has to wake up at 9 a.m. and if he wakes up before it, he has to jog backwards around his room until 9 am. When he eats his breakfast, he always uses a fork instead of a spoon to eat his Cheerios.
In the middle of the day, Tom would eat his lunch near a certain window in his cottage. He would always eat wraps for his lunch. He also has a pet tortoise. He walks his tortoise around his cottage at midday every day. The name of his tortoise is Kyle.
In the afternoon, Tom eats his dinner with Kyle the tortoise at the dinner table. Tom would always share some of his food with Kyle. After that, he would read Kyle a bedtime story and put him to bed. After that, he himself would go to bed.

Jason Ó Broin


Daniele Morgan    

She had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know.....
Daniele Morgan was a very weird person. For breakfast, she had one cheerio in a black cup of milk. She wouldn’t have anything else. For lunch, she would have five pieces of pasta mixed with mashed strawberries and marmite.
Daniele had a really weird sense of style. On a regular day she would wear a long purple and green skirt with a woolly jumper with a cow on it. On occasions she would wear a grey type wedding dress even if it wasn’t her wedding. She wears the same hairstyle every day a really messy bun.
Her house is very odd and quirky. Her sitting room is a mix of pink, green, purple and black. Daniele’s house has no electricity or heat. In Daniele’s sitting room, she has over one thousand books which she has read every single one ten times. Her bedroom is odd. She has two beds, two mirrors and two fridges on each side.
For exercise she would run two laps around a tree in her garden five times a day. She goes to a nearby seven times in a week at seven am every morning. At seven pm every evening, she lifts her cheerio boxes five times.
Daniele has five kittens named Mittens, Dinkins, Cara, Mara and Dora. Her cats are all white and black with green eyes.



Kelly Pocket

Kelly Pocket is a very idiosyncratic person. She is an elderly woman but works in a toy factory. She has no children and lives in a tree house off a country road by Castlebar . I first met her when I was five years old and I have never forgotten her since. I don’t think anyone would.
Kelly Pocket is in her late seventies or early eighties. The first time I saw her she was wearing a huge orange hat with highlighted pink hair. Her hair was like straw because she dyed it a different colour every week. She wore a black dress but she splatted paint all over it in all different colours. It stood out a lot. But that’s what Kelly wanted: To be different. Even she admitted that she was eccentric. Every time I met her she would be wearing a new hair style or a new and improved outfit.
Kelly Pocket loved the attention even in her old age. You can hear her from miles away talking about each of her perilous journeys, every detail sugar coated to perfection. Kelly would come out everyday with a new story to tell her friends. She loved when people listened to her every word. Sometimes she would let out a little giggle from nowhere.
Kelly is a very outgoing person. You may not think so but she needs to let some of her courageous personality out. She lets her heart commence through her acting skills. She is amazing at acting, she puts her heart and soul into it. She auditions for every play and pantomime and gets in without a doubt.
I think you now see that Kelly Pocket is one of the strangest  characters  I have met in my whole life. She is a great friend to have and is extremely outgoing. She is a brilliant actor and has a brave style of fashion. What more could you want?




Robyn-Jade La Rose

She had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know.
Every morning she would get up and have a butter, jam and fried egg sandwich for her breakfast. Robyn-Jade would go out every afternoon to her garden, cover her eyes with one hand and sprinkle sparkles with the other all over the garden.
She says it attracts the fairies. She is very interested in these mythical creatures.
Robyn-Jade has a funny way of dressing herself. Her clothes hang from her bedroom ceiling and when she picks an outfit she stands directly under it, she then presses a button, the outfit drops and she is instantly dressed without the hassle. She always has one ring with a sapphire in it, two bracelets and an African headpiece.
Robyn-Jade has cocoa brown hair, sky blue eyes and slightly tanned skin and she is originally from Italy. But she doesn’t cook continental dinners.
She always takes her pet parrot out everywhere, to the shops, cinema and restaurants. Her parrot is her best friend. I think she needs to find people like her and be friends. There are loads of people who are idiosyncratic like her.
But she doesn’t mind but, hey, we need a few of those in the world.

Roisin I


“Old Flattop”

 He had a lot of idiosyncrasies, you know that old Flattop!
“Old Flattop” was an odd character. Everything about him was odd: his appearance, personality and his way of transport.
Let’s start with his appearance. He was a tallish man with brown hair, blue eyes and he wore a grey flat cap. He also normally wore odd clothes. Yesterday he was wearing yellow trousers, a green shirt, a black  tie and pink shoes.
He had an unusual personality, but it was a good one. He was quiet, shy and easily intimidated. He was easily frightened, disliked attention, disliked loud noises and anger. But besides all that, he was polite, wacky and surprisingly funny and was liked by everyone.
He went on his morning stroll normally about 11am. He would meet people on his way, would look them in the eye, look them in the face and greet them with a wink or smile. He would then continue on his way. After every 5th step he hopped.
Some people thought “Old Flattop” was cool; others wacky but these idiosyncrasies got him noticed. “Old Flattop” isn’t his real name. Nobody knows what it is. “Old Flattop” was given to him by locals because of the lyrics from a pop song and because he wore a flat cap.
He works as a post man at the local post office and is near retirement. He starts work at every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00-10:45 in the morning. Then he goes on his morning stroll at eleven and start work again at 1:00-5:00 p.m. He has so far worked at the post office for fifteen years now.
In the evenings he would walk home and hop after every fifth step, smile and wink to people he meets on his way and will sing the country’s National Anthem from his front door. He goes to sleep at 21:00 every night and in the morning he will do it all again!

 Jennifer Ní Dháibhí





He had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know, some of them he had carried through from the moment he was born. Daniel Luigi is a top chef in a restaurant in Dublin. To look at him dressed in his black and white check trousers, his chef’s white hat and safety boots, he looks like any ordinary chef, but underneath the clothed exterior is a man trapped in his childhood habits.
As a very small baby, Daniel soothed himself by sucking his thumb. As he grew stronger, he rolled around and comforted himself on his blanket rubbing a particular yellow patch. It got to the stage where his mum could no longer wash the blanket for Daniel to rub and comfort himself. Every day, he walks around his big kitchen in the restaurant and out of his back pocket of his chef trousers peaks the edge of the yellow blanket.
His idiosyncrasies don’t stop here. Each morning as Daniel prepares for the day ahead, he organises his utensils pots and pans all in a line along with all the food he needs to prepare. This is something that Daniel used to do as a child with his toys he would organise them all in a line blocks, cars, trucks and toy animals stretching the length of the kitchen floor. Being this organised helps Daniel cope with the fussy restaurant and being a top class chef.
At the end of every day, Daniel cycles home and looks forward to putting his feet up. He enjoys the hustle and bustle of his children playing around with their toys and listens to them telling him all about their day. When they are safety tucked in bed, Daniel takes his newspaper to the living room where he sits in his own seat plumped up by his favourite cushion. This always brings a smile to his wives face as ever, though there are four identical cushions in the living room, he still manages to find his favourite one.





Patrick has a lot of idiosyncrasies. He lives somewhere on a backroad in Dublin. I see him every time I go to Dublin. I know his name because I heard people calling him. In this essay I will tell you about Patrick and what he does.
First of all, he eats up his dinner as fast as he can while making a horrible gurgling noise. He eats his pasta like a pig but eats everything else normally.
He walks in a very strange way. He sort of drags his left foot behind him. His hair was a mess. He wears a very strange attire, no matching clothes. I saw him wearing shorts in the middle of December!! He was wearing two different shoes the last time I saw him.
He lives in a tiny cottage on a little back road. His house is covered in vines from top to bottom! He didn’t cut the lawn in about twelve years! Every thing is a mess. Every morning he seems to go on a four metre – run. He runs in a very strange way. He holds his two arms up against himself. There is no reason to protect and I don’t know how he sees! He has a car but drives much too slowly. On the back road, he drives at around five miles per hour! The guards took the car of him because he was driving too slowly! He also has a tractor (he drove even slower in that) but the guards also took that. Patrick has a massive shed (even bigger than his house) but doesn’t have anything in it apart from a bull. The shed is probably bigger than Scoil Raifteirí! When his big brother comes over from America, he sleeps in the shed with the bull.




Jim Mac Green

He had a lot of idiosyncrasies you know.

He had a smile on his face all the time because he puts sellotape on his dimples, so he always looks happy. He has a unihawk with blonde hair.  His eyes are level with his nose. His pupils are light green. His neck is scrunched into his shoulders. He wears a long orange coat and big black hiking boots. He wears the same clothes everyday. He walks with a big twitch on his right leg. He broke his right arm when he was younger and never got it fixed properly, so it is just left hanging down by his side. His right ear isn’t working properly, he has a hearing aid but it doesn’t work. I’m not sure if he knows that because he always wears it.
He leaves his house every morning and walks his dog up and down the terrace. He doesn’t actually have a dog so basically he walks a lead up and down the terrace. He locks up his bungalow everyday day with strong locks on his windows and seven more locks on his door. Jim works part time in the corner shop. He’s lucky to be still working there because he stole cash register out side and started handing out money to strangers. It said in the Sunday Independent as a joke that he should win the Nobel Prize.
Even though he has his downs he has one of the sweetest hearts. He would carry around a purse full to the brim with 20 cent coins and he would them out to anyone smiling at him.






The dictionary defines an idiosyncrasy as “a mode of behaviour or way of though peculiar to an individual”. I’m going to be writing about my Dad because he has a few idiosyncrasies. Most of them are because he is very particular about things.
Whenever my Dad goes into a car park, he parks as far away from the shop as he can. My Mom absolutely hated this until she got a dent in her brand new car! Now she knows why!
If my Dad is concentrating, such as lining him self up for a shot in basketball or concentrating on a work project, he tends to stick his tongue out!  I’m surprised he has not bitten it off yet!
My Dad just can not stand the dishwasher not being packed in a certain way. He has to have cups in a certain corner, plates in another and bowls in the other. When visitors come to our home, and want to help by packing the dishwasher, my dad goes and repacks it when they leave the room.
My dad does not like a bike not put together properly. When he is on holiday and he hires a bike, he always takes it apart and puts it back together properly.
Some of his idiosyncrasies make sense and some are just plain odd! I hope I don’t get them all!