My stomach lurched as I fell down, down, down...



The Plane Disaster

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down down down....

"I'm so nervous," I thought as my family and I walked into the airport. I'm Emily and I'm nine years old. It's my first time going on an aeroplane. That's why I'm so nervous.

You see I went to my friend's house yesterday to say goodbye to her before I left. We watched a movie called a final Destination. At first I didn't know what it was about. When it started I saw a class of students were going on a plane. I thought it was going to be a happy movie about a class that had a great holiday but I was so wrong. It was about a boy on the plane who had a vision about that the plane was going to crash, so he and a few friends quickly got off. When the plane took off it blew up into pieces. Not a good movie to watch before you go on a plane.

We're boarding the plane now. As I got to the door of the plane, my stomach churned. I got a seat beside a window so I'd feel better. As the plane took off I felt the pressure push me back. I felt the plane rise in the air. When I looked up I knew I was safe.

Suddenly the plane started shaking from side to side. Then it suddenly dropped and we were going head first into the sea. I don't remember anything after that.

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed. The doctor told me that I broke a lot of bones in the crash. I asked where were my parents but the doctor told their bodies hadn't been found yet.

A few days later a police man came into the hospital and said that they had found my parents but they were dead !!!!!!!!!!!




A Series of Unfortunate Events...

Y-A-H-O-O, screamed my best friends and I as we were boarding the plane on our NO PARENTS holiday. Nothing could stop us now, or that's what we thought.

"I want to sit by the window" I protested. "No way, it's my first time ever going on a plane. I get to sit by the window!" shouted Molly. We decided, that I'd sit by the window on the way over and that Molly got it on the way back. I passed her a piece of chewing gum and said "chew it when the plane is climbing, so your ears don't pop". I had to explain to her about air pressure, as it was her first time.

"We're here!" I shouted in Molly's ear because she was asleep and she didn't get to see the beautiful views of Spain. We all got our luggage and headed to the taxi we had called to pick us up. The heat was really hot and there was us with big snow jackets. We got back to the house soon after and we all just jumped into the straight into the pool. "I'm going to the jacuzzi if any one wants to come" insisted Aoife "I'm coming" shouted Paula "wait for me" said Sarah as she ran behind them. Me, Eva and Molly stayed in the pool for a while, but then it got way too hot out in the sun so we went up to the house.

After a while, Paula and Aoife came running up with the look of terror in their eyes. "What's wrong?" I quickly asked "it's... it's Sarah" Aoife stuttered. "She tripped on her way up and knocked her head on the ground while she was falling into the pool and she drowned. There was nothing we could do." "NOOOOO" we shouted.

We sat up all night thinking about this and trying to get our heads around it. The next morning we sent Sarah's body home and Paula went with it . "OK guys, we're not going to let this ruin our holiday" I said trying to get everyone in a better mood. "Yeah, come on guys." Molly stood up from the bench she was sitting on. "Let's go to Tivoli World" Molly shouted, "YAA" We stood up and called a taxi to bring us to Bella Medina. We explored the town on our way to the carnival. "Wow, look at that!" Molly gawked as she spoke. We all looked up at the huge "drop of doom". "Let's go on that" Eva shouted excitedly.

We lined up and got our day passes so we could stay there all day."Move a bit to the left," I shouted to Aoife because I was trying to take a picture of her on the big drop.

It started to move up..up..up.. and then suddenly it came flying down but I couldn't see Aoife anymore. " Aoife Aoife" I shouted frantically but still no sign or reply. " Nooooo" I started to cry. Just then we got a call saying that the plane Paula and Sarah had been on had a faulty engine and had crashed. Our world started to crash and burn. I just sat down on the floor crying. Eva and Molly tried to reassure me saying it will be OK but I knew it wouldn't be. It was just like the movie I had seen last night before we got on the plane. Everyone started to die one by one until there was only one person left.

We got home as soon as we could and got some supplies. We covered ourselves with bubble wrap. "Now no one or thing can hurt us he he" giggled Eva. We decided to go to the Chinese. What harm could it do? We stayed in our bubble wrap just in case. We were walking on out way to the restaurant beside the port when a riot broke out. Eva got pushed over the small wall and into the water but she couldn't swim because of the amount of bubble wrap she used. Soon enough the fish started to eat the bubble wrap and then her. "OMG we're going to die" Molly panicked "No we're not" I said "were going to live". "Let's pack up our stuff and get out of here and get home and everything will be OK".

We packed up our stuff and left the country as soon as possible.
A year passed and I still can't believe that my sister is gone. I'm just with Eva at her house. we decided to go for a walk we saw an old mine. "Let's go down" I suggested. "fine but you're going first" I said.
As I stepped onto the ladder down the mine, the old rusty ladder snapped and here I am now ....

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down down down ...




Rollercoaster le Clíona

My lurched as we hurtled down, down, down!!!!. We were on the most amazing rollercoaster in the park. It was so scary, everyone was screaming. The rollercoaster started to slow down. I was glad it was over until I saw that we were entering some sort of cave. One half of me excited but the other half was frightened, but my best mates were here. If some thing bad were to happen, what could they do?? It's not like they're superheroes or anything. We enter the cave. No one knews what was going to happen. "I thought I heard some thing!!" I hear a small voice say behind me. We go on, not knowing what was around the corner. The walls are grey and dull with some torches hanging off the wall giving us some light. Now I can hear screams. I can feel my heart thumping. I can see some shadows. I turn around and all I can see is my class mates. "where's Niamh ?? Sarah mutters. No one knows where Niamh is. It's like she just disappeared. "What's that??" some one says. It's a monster or something. The monster is fat hairy, small green and ugly. When we saw him properly we all started to laugh. Turns out it was part of the rollercoaster and Niamh was asleep at the back of the rollercoaster the whole time. On the way back home we were all laughing at what had happened..........!!!!!!!



My Mountain Adventure

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down the hole. I was trapped!

I was walking down the mountain with my brother and my mum minding my own business when I fell into this deep hole!! My mum and my brother kept shouting down to me because they were panicking a bit too much. The hole was only about 14 feet deep! But I was in luck because firstly I had some food, extra clothes and a survival bag, and, secondly, my mum knew some people in mountain rescue so they would be able to help me to get out of the hole. I knew that my mum and my brother didn't have any ropes or anything like that to help me with.

My mum rang mountain Mountain Rescue and told them what the situation was like and they said that they would be there in no time.

It sure didn't seem like no time where I was. Time seemed to go so slowly when I was in this cramped, dark, lonely, cold hole.
Finally, the Mountain Rescue Team arrived and they got me out of the hole we all went home happy




Bungee For Haiti

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down down down..........

I was scared out my wits but I was doing it for a good cause. So how did I end up bungee jumping off the Empire State Building? Well I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie you see and I saw a poster in a shop window in New York. I'm living here for my year out. The poster said as follows: Volunteers wanted! Did you ever want to bungee jump? Maybe even off the Empire State Building! Well now's your chance. We're doing a sponsored bungee jump for the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake that hit this small and very poor country. It said to visit their office on 5th Avenue or call the number. I was pretty close to 5th Avenue so I went to their office and signed up. So far I have collected $1,358.69. I'm very proud of my self I have never done anything as big as this before, sure I'v bought the odd lollypop or pin but this is bungee jumping!

Today is the day. I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous but I had to think of the people of Haiti and how much worse of they were even before the earthquake. My friends were here with me to support me although I think they want to go shopping too. My friends wanted to take a yellow cab they wanted the whole New York experience. When we arrived, I saw it was so much bigger than I had ever imagined. I waved good bye to my friends who were staying on the ground. I was getting more and more nervous as I went up another floor and another, finally I was at the top. There were a few instructors as well. I put my harness on and the woman put the rope on to it. I went to the edge. Everyone was cheering for me, I couldn't believe I was doing this! My stomach lurched as I went down, down, down.

Sorcha M

My Stomach Lurched...


We were having great fun jumping into the sea at Killary even though the rain was pouring down.

Then it was my friend Emma's turn to jump. I suddenly remembered that Emma couldn't swim. I went to tell the instructor but he said it would be ok because, with the helmet on, she would come straight back up to the surface again. I was still a bit worried though, because the water was really deep.

Emma screamed as she jumped in and as she sank downwards. I saw that her helmet had come off! I ran to help her but the instructor told me to stay with the others.

Emma was screaming and waving her arms trying to stay above water and the instructor dived in head first to save her. He swam Emma back to the rocks to join us. We were relieved that Emma was ok and we decided to get changed. Emma was still in shock. When we got back we all had hot chocolate and that night we all slept well apart from Emma who had nightmares that a shark was after her...!...!...!

Paula G!




My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down into the jaws of death...

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and my friends and I were all going to the cinema.

So we all left my house at seven for the eight o' clock movie it was called DEATH WISH. It was a horror movie about a boy who has one wish and wishes to die because he's a demon child and doesn't want to hurt anyone but he can only die if he offers a sacrifice...

We got there at half seven Séan, Jack, Calum, Dónal and I. The movie started and we sat at the back even though we we're the only ones there. At the start it wasn't scary but half way through it the child found a sacrifice and it got really scary.

Seconds later the demon child came out of the movie!!!!!!! It jumped on Jack and eat him it was screaming sacrifice! We all ran out (except for Jack) and ran into the place we're you by tickets we screamed at the staff to help us but they we're all monsters too!!! One of them threw popcorn at Dónal and his face melted off!

We ran out the front doors and onto the road a car drove by and a man got out of it he was a demon too! He lifted the car up and threw it at Séan. Calum and I ran around the back of the cinema but he tripped and fell the demons killed him. I didn't help because I knew he would have wanted me to live. But then the first demon who came out of the movie jumped in front of me he just said "sacrifice" and then everything went black...




My stomach lurched as I hurtled down down, down through the air. I couldn't believe I was finally doing it. The breeze was blowing in my face. This was going on and on and on forever. I didn't know when we were going to land. Then I heard a voice saying "pull it!" My mind went blank for a second. Then I reacted by pulling it.

Before I knew it, I was at the hotel. I just jumped off an aeroplane. My heart stopped during the duration of the jump.

I couldn't believe the week was gone already and there was only three weeks left. Myself and my family flew from Perth to Sydney to see my sister. She was there for a year and is still out there. It was 42 degrees out there. Out there, I went to see the Sydney Opera House.

We went body boarding and things like that. For the next week or so. When we landed in Ireland, my stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down the steps of the plane. I woke up the morning in the hospital and that's my bad holiday.




The Bungee Jump

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down…

I went to a theme park with my friends and there was a bungee jump there. One of my friends always wanted to go bungee jumping so we went there first. While we were there the rest of my friends decided they wanted to go too. I kept saying I didn't want to go but they kept putting pressure on me. They said they would call me a chicken and a coward for the rest of my life. So eventually I said yes.

Now I'm regretting it and here I am now falling thinking the bungee cord is too long and I'm going to hit the rocks below me. I wished I had stayed up on the ground and let them call me a chicken for the rest of my life. I closed my eyes so don't see what's happening. It feels like I've been falling for ages but then they start pulling me up.

It is over. After that I wouldn't talk to my friends for the rest of the day.





Bungee Disaster

My stomach lurched when I was bungee jumping from a crane.

That morning my family and I were going to Westport House. We had got all the stuff ready to go. When we arrived there, there was a family day on we hopped out of the car and when to the desk and bought our tickets. The first thing you could see was a big crane and people bungee jumping off it.

As we entered the gate I saw Jack eating crisps he asked me did I want to go bungee jumping I said no but after a while of obsessive nagging.
Jack and I paid for our tickets and the crane came down and brought us all up to the top.

I was first to go. When I jumped, my stomach lurched forward as I went down and up and down after a few minutes I was back on the ground. I ran to my mom to see her reactions. My mom was stunned that I did that.
I was keeping a good eye on Jack. It was his turn now.
Jack jumped off. He went down and up but his neck was tangled with the bungee cord.

They rang the paramedics. They were there in seconds. Jack was put into the back along with his grieving mother they sped off.

We went home after that because I couldn't bear to stay there after seeing that so we hopped back into the car and off we went.

Seán Keaney


It's Coming Closer!

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down into the cave.

When I hit the ground I let out a groan. I then looked to see if Rhyne, Sean, Jack and Donal were still with me. Wait, where was Donal?

The others were okay but badly bruised. We heard a thud as a leg hit the ground beside us. We all screamed as we recognised Donal's shoe. It must still be after us.

We ran. We could hear growls behind us. Something was definitely following us. I looked over my shoulder. Sean was gone. The next second I could hear groans and Sean screaming "Help!" We ran faster.

After a While we were out of breath. We stopped for a minute to catch our breath and decide what to do next. Jack started to sprint again and shouted ''Every man for himself!'' Rhyne and I started to sprint after him. We had caught our breath.

We went around a corner and found Jack lying on the ground. Jack shouted that his ankle was broken, but we just passed right by him and shouted "Every man for himself!" We knew he wouldn't make it because whatever was chasing us was hot on our heels.

It was just Rhyne and me left left now. We turned the corner a corner and saw that there was a small opening just over our heads I shouted ''Me first''
so Rhyne gave me a push up. I was just able to get my belly up onto the ground Rhyne shouted ''quick its almost here!'' I pulled my legs up and crawled through the hole to emerge above ground.

I turned back to the hole to pull Rhyne up but he wasn't there when I looked down!





The Miracle

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down the rocky cliff and then 'splash'. I was in the bottom of the sea. When I woke up I was in a hospital bed, I looked down,my whole body was in bandages. I screamed but nothing came out, my mouth was all dry. I tried to get up,.but I fell back down again because it hurt too much.

I drifted off to sleep. I dreamt about wonderful things but shortly afterwards i was a woken by teary voices. I looked up my mum and had big ,red, puffy eyes my mum held my hand close tears pricked my eyes. Then the Doctor started to talk in a whisper. she's going to be needing a wheelchair for a very long time'im so sorry!' 'oooooooh nooo' I screeched 'no no no no no nooo'."I'm sorry Meaghan" my mum cried.

"She will be out of the hospital in three days," said the doctor 'now go back to sleep Meaghan' said my mum.

Three days went by as boring as ever and the third morning there was a big pink suitcase beside my bed 'I'm going home' I said, clapping my hands. I didn't care if it hurt. I was so happy to be going home!!!!

My mum opened her eyes with a smile. There was a wheelchair beside me though. I stopped smiling and asked in a shaky voice 'how long have I been in here mum?' I asked curiously 'Two weeks' she said, not even looking at me. My mouth fell open 'TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS? I've been unconscious for two weeks!!!!' I screamed 'Shush, Meaghan, there's other patients here too. Then she nodded. 'Oh my God' I said. 'Ssshh' my mum whispered

My dad came back into the room, lifted up my bags and then said 'let's go.' My mum helped me put on a fresh set of clothes and helped me out to the car and then stuffed my wheelchair into the back of the car. I whined a little because it hurt.

The doctors all waved goodbye and gave me a box of chocolates
I gave them all a hug and thanked them when we got home. It seemed like a different place. My mum brought my bags in and my dad helped me onto the wheelchair. My mum made the most wonderful dinner that evening-Indian. When I went to bed that night, I cried myself to sleep.

Weeks and months went by. I got used to not walking but I was never happy. On a Friday night we were watching scary movies. It was so much fun, I actually almost felt happy since the accident.

When I woke up the next morning my mum and dad were having a sleep in. I was so thirsty, I grabbed the end of the bed and stood up and walked around the room. I was never so happy in my life. 'I'M WALKING I'M WALKING! MUM! DAD! HURRY!' I screamed on the top of my voice my mum and dad came rushing into my room. 'What's wrong ?' my dad said, then looked at me and started screaming 'Oh it's a miracle.' We all hugged and cried for hours and from then on I never went near a cliff or rocky places again!!!!!




Goodbye Paula!

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down........
It was frightening but fantastic at the same time. There was no sight of the ground yet. I don't know how long it had been since I jumped from the small plane. Time didn't seem to go at a normal speed up here. It could have been a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes. Either way, I didn't care!

I quickly looked above me to see my friend Aoife a couple of meters above me. I could see her grinning widely. She was finding this as fun as me. And slightly above Aoife, was Paula. Paula was crying. She was shouting some thing to me but I couldn't make out what she was saying as we rushed towards the ground. I pulled the handle on my pack and I felt the parachute burst open. Aoife did the same but Paula zoomed past us! I screamed at her desperately to activate her parachute but she couldn't hear me! Aoife called the pilot of the plane to try and get Paula but I felt that it wasn't going to reach her in time. I tried to call her but she didn't pick up because she couldn't reach it!

The ground was coming closer and closer and Paula was only gathering speed. I got one last glimpse at Paula and then she was out of sight. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

Éabha Ní Annagáin




My life the way it is...

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down and fell to the ground. " Mol..... Molly...". Ok, before I get right into this painful story, I might want to tell you that for the past two years I have been living with lung cancer and, because of this, my family and I had to move to England because of my health.

When I was 13, I was diagnosed with cancer and my parents' relationship has fallen apart and the only reason they pretend to be happy together is because I have a younger brother Danny. He's only 5 and I don't think he understands what is happening around him. I also have a sister Molly who is also my twin is more of a mother figure to him than a sister.

Every night I'm worried I won't wake up again and I'm worried when I'm gone my family won't cope because of all the arguments about my health.

One day at home, I started to feel weak and light-headed. My stomach lurched as I fell to the ground. "Mol.... Molly..... Mum...". I guess waking in the hospital is the worst thing about it. But somewhere deep inside behind the pain's in my body I know my parents do care even though I messed everything up with my cancer. I still wonder what my life would be like if I didn't have cancer and if I didn't live in fear every day.




The Golden Card

My stomach lurched as I felt the heat of the volcano thinking I was going to have to go down and get the Golden card. You see it all happened when I was watching television. " Do you want to go on the game show of your life?" I leaped out of my seat. I listened like my life depended on it. "All you have to do is send a letter with your name and address and hopefully you will be on the game show". I ran, got a piece of paper and started writing.

Two weeks after that, I got a letter. I was picked and now that's why I am here in a volcano.

I had to go down the volcano if I wanted to go another step further to winning a billion Euro. I almost had the card. It was a millimeter away from my finger. I slipped. My hand grabbed a chunk of rock hanging out of the ledge. I got the card and then I started climbing out of the volcano.

When I got out, there was a man in a helicopter. He said. " you will get your money if you do one thing for me"I was going to have to take over the world with him.

When we were in the helicopter, I accepted his offer. I was just getting out and the man pushed me over on my back into the helicopter. When I woke up, I was all tied up. The man was controlling the helicopter. Around twenty minutes after that, an alarm went off. I shouted " what's happening?" The man said." well now if I told you there is one parachute and there are two of us. Who's going to get it?" I started to open the rope. I got it open. What happened next ? I can't say but there is one thing I can say: Don't ever put your life at risk for money unless it's a billion Euro.

Séamus ó Tiarnáin




My Lucky Escape!!!

My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down. The noise around me was deafening, and it felt the earth around me was shaking. I was trembling with fear. My heart was thumping hard against my chest. The last I remembered was hitting the ground and a stab of pain working its way up into my arm. Then everything blacked out........

I woke up and everything was pitch dark. I realised I'd been unconscious. I didn't know what day or what time of day it was. My right arm was very sore I could feel objects around me. Gradually as my eyes became accustomed to the dark. I noticed chinks of light shining through from in between the building rubble and debris and just then it hit me what had happened I had been in an earthquake.

As the chinks of light gradually turned to dark. I realized it was nighttime.

I woke up with a jump. I could hear muffled voices. I shouted "Hello can you hear me" over and over again until my voice went hoarse. Seeing as I couldn't shout for help I started thinking about my family:
Where were they?
Were they okay?
I didn't know the answer to either of these questions.

My mouth was dry and I was parched with the thirst. My stomach was rumbling with the hunger and my arm throbbed with the pain. All night long I fell into fits of sleep only to be awakened again by fear of what was going to happen. It felt like eternity before the night ended.

Some time that day I heard people shouting "Hello, is anybody there?. My heart skipped a beat with excitement. I groped around for something I could bang against the floor. At last I found what I was looking for: a piece of wood. I banged it against the floor as hard as I could. I did it a good few times and the voices gradually came closer. Then I heard a man say "We can hear you. Tap twice if you can us" so I tapped twice as hard as I could.

A few hours later I was in the hospital. Miraculously I only had a
broken arm. While I was lying there, a nurse came and told
me my family my were all alive and that badly hurt, and it was just then that I realised how lucky I was that I had survived the earthquake.

Sinéad ní Gamhna




Sky Dive

My stomach lurched as the wind whistled through my hair. I glanced up to find that the plane I had leaped out of was only speck by now.

The town of Castlebar was only the size of a model The stomach turning adrenalin rush that comes from sky diving is like no other.

Now 30 seconds into the dive, I reached for my cord to release my chute. I yanked it once nothing happened, I tried a second time still nothing. I hopelessly tried a third time, but suddenly I heard the sound I was longing to hear. The ruffling of cloth and plastic material.

It jerked me back and slowed my free-fall. But then it sent me into a wild spiral. The chute was snagged. The ground was coming fast and I had no time left. I straitened up with the ground so I wouldn't hit my head upon impact.

That's it no time left. I squinted eyes and braced myself.

I woke in a body cast with one arm elevated. Remarkably I recovered from all my injuries in tow months. That was the last time I went sky diving.




The Stolen Bikes

My stomach lurched as I went down, down, down the steepest and most scariest hill in town! My friends were miles ahead of me and by the time I got to the bottom they were all waiting for me there. "That was BRILLIANT!" Clíodhna shouted over to me. She was leaning against a wall with her bike parked beside her. "Let's do it again!" Meaghan pleaded. "Let's get some food first, I'm starving" I suggested. "That's fine with me, let's go!" Clíodhna said eagerly.

We headed to Supermacs to get a bag of salty, hot, chips and some chicken nuggets. When we got there we left our bikes around the side of the building just in case anyone would take them. We then went inside with our tongues hanging out. We were really hungry.

We were in there much longer then we thought we would be because we had a McFlurry as well ( It was really tempting, we had to), but when we came out, we regretted it. When we got to our bikes, well we didn't becuase there were no bikes. They had been STOLEN! "Oh no" Meaghan cried. "They're gone!" I said. " Great, now we're going to have to walk home" Clíodhna whined. "We're going to the police, to get our bikes back first," I demanded.

As we were walking to the police station we came across a small abandoned car park and, to our surprise, we saw our bikes, but there were three teenagers riding them. "How are we going to get the bikes?" Meaghan asked. "One of us are going to have to distract them while the other two get the bikes" Clíodhna suggested. "Ok, I'll distract them and you guys get the bikes" Meaghan said. "Ok" we agreed. Clíodhna and I hid behind a bush while Meaghan went up to the teenagers. They got off the bikes and left them on the ground beside a wall. Meaghan started talking to them but I'm not quite sure what she was saying. We waited for a few minutes and then we legged it to the bikes. We grabbed the three of them between the two of us and we cycled around the corner and waited for Meaghan there.

A few minutes later, Meaghan came around the corner, not walking but running and the teenagers only feet away from her. The three of us scrambled on to our bikes and cycled as fast as we could. The teenagers had no chance against us on our bikes so we were safe but if they had caught us we would have been dead meat!

We cycled all the way home without stopping and when we got home we didn't think twice about putting our bikes in the shed. We locked the shed with a key and then we ran inside to tell our Mum the whole story. She was very worried but glad that we were able to get home. She told us that we should be more careful about where we leave our bikes anymore and we were.
By Kate





My stomach lurched as I hurtled down, down, down...

"Yes, I'm here!" I said to myself with excitement. After catching my balance back, I looked around me. In front of me I saw the beautiful never ending fields and behind me was the way back to reality. It's difficult to get back because you have to forget about your imagination, you have to get back to reality. Sometimes I spend hours crawling through the never ending white sheets because it seems like reality is imaginary and here is the real world.

I looked down at my watch. I changed the time to half six in the morning because I love walking through the fields with the multi-coloured sky above me. Last night I walked on my own but I don't want to be alone this time because when I was on my own I started thinking that someone was behind me. I turned around and there was a scary old man right behind me so I ran off. I'll bring Granny and talk to her. So I thought of Granny in my head wearing a long, clear white gown like an angel.

I'm trying to figure out why she gave me this watch in her will. It was her most prized possession. I really want an answer from her but when I'm here no one talks... Apart from the animals, but I can't understand them.

I stepped under the trees that were shaped as an arch, I saw Granny in the middle of the field so I ran up to her happily. I gave her a big hug and then we just walked. I was asking about her death. Granny died in her sleep and doctors said it was caused by old age. "Did it hurt? "Was it peaceful?" I looked up hoping for an answer but of coarse, not a word. I started to try and unravel the story out load. My theory was... "You had this watch when you were my age too, so maybe you could come to this world too!" This made perfect sense to me so I looked up at Granny to try and read her reaction but she just carried on smiling. I carried on unravelling the story. "Maybe this is heaven!" I heard a chuckle from Granny, I think she chuckled because she thought I was being ridiculous or because it was dead obvious that this was heaven! "Maybe, this watch is like a magic, unique thing that brings you here!" I wanted to travel faster so I thought of two black and white tigers, I opened my eyes and they were lying down in front of us. We both hopped on and the two beautiful tigers ran at their top speed. I started stroking the tigers' exquisite, silky smooth fur.

I looked at my golden watch and it was five to eight, time to go.
I said goodbye to Granny, I snapped my fingers and I was standing in front of all the clear white sheets once again.

It took me a while to get back to reality because I was thinking about my imaginary/reality world. I don't think you need a special watch or anything, everyone has one you just need to imagine it! Design it yourself, make your own animals, places, people. All you have to do is imagine and you can do anything!

Molly Rowlands
4th February 2010