Vote Green?

I think you should vote green. The Green Party looks at climate change, a healthy environment and more. While climate change is happening we’re all worrying about whom we should vote for in the general election. We should begin to worry about this because if we don’t there might not be a next generation and we could be the last. Here are a few facts on the Green Party.

This year the Green Party got forty-nine out of 949 seats on the county councils, eight out of 462 seats in Northern Ireland and one out of thirteen seats on the general election. Compared to other years, that’s a lot.

The Green Party was formed in the mid 1990 to try and have a political party that cares about the environment, and now has 305,000 members.

The Green Party was formed by Bob Brown and Drew Hutton. Its current leader is Eamon Ryan

Those are a few facts on the Green Party. I personally think you should vote Green. When I am older and able to vote, I know I will vote Green but, in the end, that’s my opinion.



Vote for Green?

                  I think that voting for the Green Party Ireland would be a very good and beneficial idea. The Green Party is a political group or party based in Ireland. Some of their campaigns include: “Solving the Housing Crisis”, a “Waste Reduction Bill”, “Healthy Homes” and “Protect our Wildlife: Repeal the Heritage Act”.
         In the 2019 elections in Ireland the Green Party tied with Fianna Fáil, another political party, both won 15% of the nation’s votes. Both of them got 14% lower than Fine Gael, who won and got 29% of the Nation’s votes.
 The campaign called “Healthy Homes” is to protect your home from radon and make it cheaper to get rid of it. It will be <€50 to check for its presence and <€1000 to get rid of it.
         The campaign “protect our Wildlife” is a campaign to repeal the heritage act and to extend the legal period for upland burning  and hedge cutting, allowing the local wildlife to move out and not endangering them further.
         Here are some reasons not to vote for the Green Party. First, you may want to vote for another party. Second, you may not like their campaigns, and, third, you don’t think that they can pull it off.
         If I were eighteen years of age and were allowed to vote, I would vote for the Green Party because of their campaigns and plans.  Thank you for reading this essay and I hope you vote for Green Party Ireland.

Le hAilín Ó Nualláin



The Green Party was founded as the Ecology Party of Ireland in 1981 by a teacher called Christopher Fettes. It became the Green Alliance in 1983.

The party’s Eamon Ryan, its deputy leader is Catherine Martin and its chairman is Roderic O’ Gorman. The Green Party’s headquarters are on 16-17 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. The Green Party first entered the Dáil in 1989. It served in the Irish Government once from 2007 to 2011 as junior partner in coolation with Fianna Fáil. It suffered a wipeout in the February 2011 election, losing all six of its TDs. It returned to the Dáil with two seats after the February 2016 election. Following that, Grace O’ Sullivan was appointed to the Seanad on the 26th of April 2016.

The party got its first representation in the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2007. It currently has two representatives in the assembly.

The youth section -The Young Greens/Óige Ghlas- was founded in 2002 and is open to all members aged 30 and younger, or in full-time education. The Young Greens have contributed a lot to the growth and direction of the wider party. The Young Greens’ main operation is based out of Dublin, there are subgroups set up all over Ireland, including Rural Young Greens, UCC Green Party, NUIG Green Party, Trinity Green Party and Northern Ireland Young Greens. Overall I think it’s a great a great party and worth voting for.





The green party is a political party in Europe and all over the world. The first person to launch a green party was Daniel Brélan in Swizerland in 1979.           

The green party want to work on the environment to preserve nature for the future. They also want to work on climate change, global  warming, carbon tax, reduce CO2 emission for a sustainable future, renewable energy, sustainability in agriculture like planting more trees and reducing meat production.

In the local elections the green party got 49 seats and 5.6% of the first preference votes overall. Sadly no green candidates got a seat in Castlebar in the local elections.

Most of the green candidates got seats in Dublin (10), followed by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown (6), Fingal (5), Cork (4), South Dublin (4), Kildare (3), Wicklow (2), Westmeath (2), Waterford (2),  Limerick(2), Galway (2), Offaly (1), Louth (1), Kilkenny (1), Clare (1). The Green Party’s policy is for a better Ireland. Their policies are written with their members’ input so lots of perspectives come together to create common goals for the common good. These goals are broken down into actions so that they can be achieved

I think people should support the Green Party in their actions because they are making an effective change for the future. They should carry on with what they are doing and then more people will realise how important it is.



The Green Party

The Green Party is a political party that operates in Ireland. In 1981, it was founded by a Dublin teacher, Christopher Fettes. They have got two seats in the Dáil, one seat in the Seanad Éireann but no Northern Ireland seats in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. There are green seats in the Northern Ireland assembly. There are 49 seats in Local Government, but only eight seats in Local Government Northern Ireland. There is only one green seat in the European Parliament and there are no seats for the European Parliament in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland part has never got a seat in House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

If we vote for the Greens, they will protect the Irish Language, lower the voting age to 16, demand a directly-elected Seanad Éireann and support Universal Healthcare. In addition, they want that the waters of Ireland will never be privatised, and that terminally ill will be legally able to choose if they want assisted dying. 

They want a directly elected mayor for Dublin City. And they will repeal the Heritage Act which is ruining our country slowly.

I think there is nothing wrong with the Green Party, but the only policy of theirs I would disagree with would be motor taxes. These are already high enough.

Joshua Ó hUallaigh




The Green Party is a group of people from almost every country that helps with three different things. They help the world with social justice, environment and nonviolence. If I was 18 and I could vote, I would vote for the Green Party these are some of the reasons why.

Pollution.  They want to make the planet a better and cleaner place for us to live. They also want for the younger generation to have a clean life as well.
In the European Parliament election results, the Green Party got 11.4%.
Another thing the Green Party does is help the world from violence or harm. They’re trying to stop people from harming others.

The last thing they do is engender social justice. That means they want people to have the same amount of justice, from example anyone could vote if they are 18 or over. The Green Party was founded in the late 1970 and the early 1980. The parties were set up in just about every country. The Green Party for Ireland was also known as the Ecology Party of Ireland, and was formed in 1981.

They also have another group as well it’s called Young Green. It’s a party for anyone that is 30 years or younger. It was formed in the year 2002. In my opinion, I think the Green Party is a great party and I think more people should join because I definitely would.

Le Bradie Ní Loinsigh



Is Voting Green a Waste of Time?

The Green Party is a green political party that operates in Ireland. They focus on climate change and the environment. If I was eighteen and allowed to vote, I would vote for the green party because they want to make our planet healthier and cleaner! If we don’t start to clean up and take care of our planet it will die away.
Here are ten key points the Green Party focus on:


Now I will explain three of the points above.
GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY: They will work to increase public participation. ECOLOGICAL WISDOM: We must operate with the fact we are part of nature, not separate.

NON-VIOLENCE: They will develop effectiveness of society’s current patterns of violence.

There are nearly 90 green parties around the world. I will name five locations: Ireland, India, Pakistan, Asia and Africa. When I am older, I will try to keep the streets that are near me clean. A couple of weeks ago, Scoil Raifteirí  [my school]  had a big clean up around the school and the greenway near us. We found bags of rubbish and it was horrible to see that amount of rubbish! My teacher went into a canoe and into the lake! He found loads of rubbish, and even a trolley! There was loads of glass and crushed cigarettes.

I think voting green is a great idea, we really need to start cleaning up, by ourselves or in groups. We just need to start now!

By Sorcha Nic Giobúin




If I were EIGHTEEN, I would totally vote Green as I care about the environment. I don’t want my kids and their generation to grow up in a world full ofplastic bottles, plastic wrapping and plastic containers. The sky will be full of smoke and other gases. Lots of animals will have gone extinct, like pandas, the tiger, gorillas and sea turtles. This is why you should vote green

The Green Party was founded in the year 1981 by a Dublin teacher Christopher Fettes. Christopher Fettes worked with the Green Party for nineteen years until he retired in the year 2000. The Green Party first entered the Dáil in 1989. The Party was slowly gaining supports until 2011. In the 2011 February election, they had a complete wipeout, losing all six of its TDs. In the February 2016 election, it returned to the Dáil with only two seats.

This year in the Catlebar election, no Green Party candidate was elected county Council. Ger Deere is a politician for Fine Gael and he was running to get into the Mayo County Council. He managed to get into the council in fourth place. Ger Deere might not be working in the Green Party but he cares a lot about the environment. For the last ten years has helped with it Castlebar Tidy Towns.
These are only some of the reasons you should vote Green. The main reason to vote Green is to save or beautiful EARTH.

Suzanne Tuohy


Voting for Green

In my opinion, we should vote for Green because it helps with fighting against global warming. Voting for Green helps with the struggle against pollution in oceans and lakes. We should really think more about the environment more, and grow plants. In addition, more people should vegan and vegetarian.

Voting Green is important now more than ever because the vast majority of governments are made up of politicians that prioritise lowering taxes or building roads or putting money into projects that are harmful to the world and animals as well. If I were 18 and able to vote, I would vote for the Green Party.

Even if an evironmentally-friendly policy is being discussed in the Dáil, there are so many politicians that would much rather spend money on things that could harm the planet and not things that could help us.

Policies like banning single-use plastic like water bottles, food wrappers, plastic straws and toys, making it cheaper and easier to share transport, conserving energy and water, should be enacted. We should also protect animals and plants. In my opinion, more people should become vegan and vegetarian.

We should vote for Green whenever we can, but we can also take responsibility for our own actions everyday. Walking, cycling, buying locally produced food, using reusable lunch boxes and flasks, using eco-friendly cleaning products, adopting rescue-animals as pets and neutering them all are ways to improve the quality of life.

Liselle Ní Chuillinn-Ní Bhriain



Is it Worth Voting for the Green Party?

The Green Party is an environmentally-friendly (green) political party. There is one in Ireland and there are many others in countries across Europe. Recently there was a European election held and the Green Party did very well in it. There was also an Irish local election held and the Green Party did very well in that as well.
The Irish Green Party (Comhaontas Glas) was founded as the Ecology Party of Ireland in 1981 by a Dublin teacher, Christopher Fettes. The current leader is Eamon Ryan TD, the chairman is Roderic O’Gorman and the deputy leader is Catherine Martin TD. Their headquarters is on 16-17 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. They have seven founding principles. These are the three most important in my opinion.

  1. The need for world peace overrides national and commercial interests.
  2. The poverty of two thirds of the world’s family demands a redistribution of the world’s resources.
  3. As caretakers of the Earth, we have the responsibility to pass it on in a fit and healthy state.
    The youth section of the Green Party (The Young Greens/Óige Ghlas) was founded in 2002 and is available for anyone under thirty or in full-time education. They have had a huge impact on Ireland. They supported multiple issues and rights. A very popular issue this year is climate change. There have been multiple protests involving young and old Green Party members and supporters.
    The European Green Party was founded on the 22nd of February 2004 when thirty-four Europeans from member parties gathered for the Fourth Congress of the European Federation of Green Parties, which took place in Rome. Monica Frassoni (Italy) and Reinhard Bütikofer (Germany) are both co-chairmans. Mar Garcia (Spain) is secretary general. Lena Lindström (Sweden) is treasurer. Their headquarters is in Rue Wiertz 31,1050 Brussels, Belgium. Its four organisational pillars are:
  1. Ecology
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Grassroots Democracy
  4. Nonviolence

Europe also has a Federation of Young European Greens just like Ireland. It was founded in 1988. Climate change is also a huge issue for them.
In conclusion, I feel that it is worth voting for the Green Party. I agree with their policies and beliefs. I would also vote for them because of their input in climate change. I hope that they’ll help maintain a friendlier and greener Earth.

Alison Carey


Should you vote green? That’s a very good question. In my opinion, you should. They are an environmentally-friendly political party. They focus on problems like climate change and global warming. If I was old enough to vote I would vote green. Here are some of the reasons why.

Their main perspective is to try and reverse or slow down climate change. Climate change is one of the reasons the ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising. It’s said that the weather will be stormier and cold countries are getting hotter and hot countries are getting colder.

Even if you personally aren’t affected by the ice caps melting, think about all the future generations. They will have to fix this mess and a way to fix it now is to vote green. As they say a stitch in time saves nine. By voting green, we can change the environment and save ourselves from a polluted earth.

These are just some elements about climate change that could be changed if you vote for the green party. They tackle many more problems as well as climate change like human rights, freedom, justice, diversity, non-violence and more. Visit their website European greens.EU for more information. I think the green party is not a waste of your vote.