Chuaigh grúpa ó Scoil Raifteirí go dtí an Iodáil, Mí Bealtaine, 2007

A group went from Scoil Raifteirí to Italy, May, 2007

Un gruppo è andato da Scoil Raifteirí all'Italia, maggio, 2007


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Tuesday, May 15

Partenza: departure at 00.30am, May 15



Seo muid san eitleán



Ecco Ancona!



Coming in to land



Ecco ci siamo!



Aspettando gli Irlandesi

Cathain a bheidh siad ag teacht?




The bus won't leave till everyone's sitting with their belts on



Le chéile ar an mbus



There was a lovely welcome for us at the school




C'era un concerto per noi alla scuola

Bhí an ceol go hálainn


Labhair Máire Treasa agus na húdaráis áitiúla



Obviously the children were more interested in what Máire Treasa had to say



Italy was good fun. The family I was staying with was nice and the food was good.
I hope to return there some time during the summer.

Eoin (John)


C'era anche un buffet alla scuola

A delectable variety of food





Wednesday, May 16




The food in Ireland is good, but the food in Italy is better.
The pizza and pasta is lovely and the drinks are nice.



Chuamar go dtí an Comhdáil in Ancona

Il Mondo del Pesce Incontra Il Mondo della Scuola

We showed our project at the exposition

The World of Fishing Meets the World of Education


Bhí buffet eile anseo


Seafood for all!



Now this is what we call food!


When I was in Italy, I loved the tasty food. Over in Italy, they eat a lot of different food.
Also, the weather was lovely and hot and sunny. I hope to visit Italy in the near future.










I had a great time in Italy. Here are five reasons why I loved Italy.
1:The family I stayed with were really friendly
2:I loved the Italian food so much!!
3:I loved the shows that the school put on.
4:All the children were so friendly and always tried their best to understand you
5:We had so much fun on Thursday night at the party!!
I have a lot more reasons why I enjoyed Italy soooo much.
Thank you all so much for your great hospitality.
Bye for now!



Ecco la spiaggia a Pesaro




Bhí na cnoic go hálainn

Two views of the same hill


Italy was great fun because the family I was staying with were very nice. The food was very nice.
The weather was nice. All my friends were there and all the Italian kids were great fun.




A visit to Gradara in the evening



Baile álainn ar chnoc le caisleán



Dove sono le macchine?




Veduta di Rimini



A lovely sunset highlighting San Marino on a distant hill






The teaching staff of the school treated us to a lovely meal in a pizzeria


The pizza in Ireland is good, but not as good as Italian pizza.
It is raining in Ireland. It is sunny in Italy. Playing soccer in Italy was good.


Bhí an oíche go hálainn









Thursday, May 17

Bricfeasta ag an óstán...

...and a little light reading


Ci siamo incontrati alla scuola


School for some...


...but not for us


Bhíomar ar an mbealach go dtí Urbino


Urbino was a beautiful town. The cobble streets were very nice.
The duke's house was very interesting. I would definitely go back again.


Baile álainn


Bella città


Beautiful city


I really enjoyed my trip on the Gemellaggio trip to Italy.
My favourite part was the day trip to the town of Urbino.
We did a lot of interesting things there including visiting a palace.
It was my favourite part of the stay.


Time for some fun before exploring the town



Il Gruppo: click here to see a large version



Pretty as a picture


Its centro storico now boasts the honour of being included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites



Urbino is one of the most important towns in the Marche - indeed in Italy - for the tourist
in search of great Italian art and architecture


Its beguiling streets well reward the curious traveller


A duke used to live here.
We went on a tour inside it, which was less exciting than school!
The tour lasted for ages and I learned a lot.
Everybody (especially us Irish) was dying of starvation afterwards!
Then we went for lunch. I had pasta and chips.



Near the Cathedral is the Palazzo Ducale


Ferdinando kindly gave us a guided tour of the palace

Ha spiegato tanto della storia del palazzo, e ha parlato dei quadri dentro



Depiction of Christ,
attributed to Melozzo da Forlì


Federico da Montefeltro
di Piero della Francesca



La Città Ideale dell'Anonimo Fiorentino conservata nel Museo Nazionale di Urbino


Hi again Breege here. I really liked Italy. It was the best ever.
My best day was Thursday because I thought Urbino was an interesting place to visit.
It was a nice walk for me and I was really happy that I got some presents for my family.
Later on we went for a meal. The food was really nice and after that we went outside.
It was really dark and everyone was roaring and a man came down on a motorbike.


After the visit, we had time for some more shopping




Later that afternoon, we were treated to another concert at the school

Claudio conducted the music



Lucia prepared the drama Romeo e Giuletta e Juliana



My favourite thing about being in Italy was the family.
They were so sound. There were four of them.
My second favourite thing was meeting Valentino Rossi.
He lived in the next town.
I met him and the family got me a Rossi t-shirt, bag, cap and other small bits.
My third favourite was playing football on the streets. It was like Fifa Streets.



Amici per sempere




La Cucina Italiana


It was great the last night that we were in Italy.
We ate and ate until our stomachs nearly burst!
We had pasta, pizza and cake. They were all delicious.
Then we went outside. It was great. We also did other things.
We went to a festival in Ancona and we went to the beach
and we went to an ancient town called Urbino.
I stayed with a great family. They were lovely!

I love Italy!!!


Friday, May 18

Ancona arís: tháinig an dá scoil le chéile


Dunmore East school made their presentation as well


Hey Franco! I had a savage time in Italy. I loved playing football with you, Jack and Andrea.
I don't care what happened on Wednesday night. Liverpool are still through the sun-roof.



C'era tempo per un'altra foto del gruppo...


...prima di andare all'aeroporto


Bhí sé in am do slán a rá...


...and for another group photo



Ar chasamar leis an gcailín seo cheana?



Seachain na buachaillí seo



Slán leis an Iodáil



Tuirseach traochta ar an turas abhaile ó Bhaile Átha Cliath ar bhus Eugene




Fuaireamar na bronntanais seo ó na múinteoirí sa scoil

Grazie mille a Antonio, il preside, ed a Umberto, il vice-preside
per l'ospilità e tutti questi regali

Grazie a Claudio e Giorgio per la musica

Grazie a Carlo, Barbara, Isabella, Stefania ed a tutti gli insegnanti

Grazie a Ferdinando per la guida e la cultura

Grazie sopratutto a Lucia, organizzatore del gemellaggio

Grazie ai genitori chi hanno dato il benvenuto ai ragazzi irlandesi

E grazie speciali ai ragazzi italiani, sempere pieni di gioia


Per quanto riguarda l'organizzazione della Festa ad Ancona,
grazie a Stefano Foresi, il Presidente,
a Sergio Leoni, la persona della segreteria del Presidente Foresi,
a Bruno Bravetti, dirigente della Segreteria del Sindaco,
a Rita Gobbi, segretaria dell'Assessore alle Politiche Europee,
e sopratutto a Miria Cameli:
senza il loro aiuto e apprezzamento non sarebbe mai realizzato questa iniziativa!




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