Optional Obair Bhaile during school closure for Covid 19 13th  - 29th March.


All Classes:
For additional resources and educational links and games,  click here or on the ‘online homework’ link on the Scoil Raifteirí home page.


Naí Bheaga:

  1. Finish book of sounds q & x
  2. Just handwriting – o/u/l/f/b/j/z/w
  3. Read Mac & Tab book and sound out the words
  4. Gafa le mata – pgs 19-22
  5. Re-read the “Duck Pond” &  “On The Farm”
  6. Shared reading books in folder
  7. “Teach your Monster to read” is a free English reading website.

Naí Mhóra

  1. Three shared reading books & stories copy. These stories can be read and the children can write about the story and draw a picture of the story.
  2. Sticking and cutting activities in scrapbook x2.

Rang 1

  1. Class novel “The Magic Finger” 2-3 pages per night
  2. News copy.  Keep a diary each day /1 page long.
  3. Seaimpín na dTáblaí – pgs 38-40

Rang 2

  1. An Chéad Chomaoineach Paidreacha & Léachtaí (prayers & readings)
  2. Seaimpín na dTáblaí – pgs 32-35
  3. Class Novel “The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me”: 2-3 pages per night
  4. Just Handwiritng – pgs 23-31


Rang 3

  1. SWST Wks 24 & 25
  2. Mental Maths up to pg 82
  3. Starlight pgs 134-145
  4. Just Handwriting pg 32


Rang 4 Máire agus Cristín:

Novel: Under the Hawthorn Tree; Read 4 chapters weekly and write a half page summary for each chapter in English copy. 

Mental Maths: Complete one day of Mental Maths daily as per usual homework 


Rang 5 & Rang 6
Féach ar “Online Homework” link on school website.



Any further updates will be communicated to you by text.
Tabhair aire mhaith & Beir beannacht.