Teachtaireacht sa Bhuidéal: Message in a Bottle






Meitheamh 2019: Léigh Rang 6 nóta a fuarthas ar an trá

(Trá an Chaoil, Acaill)

Dán grá a bhí ann!


Seo na scéalta a scríobh an rang ina dhiaidh:


Message in a Bottle


I was just finished school for the summer and my family and I were going to go to the beach for the day. We packed a good lunch and put on our sun-cream. When we got there, we put a blanket on the sand and sat down. I was getting bored so I put on my swimming togs and went in the sea.

It was getting late, so we packed up our stuff. When we were about to leave, I saw something right beside the sea, so I walked over to it. When I got to the object, I took a closer look and I realised it was a bottle. It looked like a bottle of rum but it was empty and it had a note in it. Before I could open the bottle, I had to go home. 

When I got home, I tried using a fork to take the note out, but it didn’t work so I ended up using my fingers. I finely got the note out after tem minutes. This is what the note said: Hi there my name is Jack and I see you’ve found my note that I wrote that I put in a bottle. What I’m about to tell you might change your life. I have some buried treasure hidden somewhere and you can find it and keep it if you want.

I got so excited to find some treasure. It had a map at the back of the note, so I followed it. I told my mom I was going to go on a walk so she wouldn’t   know where I was actually going. The note led me to outside my school. I had to be quiet so no one would see me. I started to dig and dig. It took me ten minutes to find something. When I actually found something, I took it out of the ground. It was a big barrel. When I opened it, there was nothing in there. It was empty. I didn’t know what to do. Then I realised that Jack from the note had lied to me and there was no treasure at all. So when I got home I got the note and ripped it all up.

Le Bradie Ní Loinsigh


Message in a Bottle.

When school ended my family planned a trip to Enniscrone. They planned on going for a week. My cousin Natasha planned for me Rebecca, Jessica, Denise and Ruth to go to Ballina Penney’s. My auntie Pryia brought us. I brought 30 euro. I got some makeup, clothes, a backpack and more. We spent 2 or 3 hours there. After that we got food in the Broken Jug, it was really nice. I got some chicken wings, brie and chicken curry I didn’t eat it all. After that Pryia brought us to Enniscrone were we met the rest of our family. My auntie booked a house beside the arcade. It was a really nice house. 

My auntie planned to go to the beach and jump off the pier. The water was up really high so I wasn’t scared. We went over to the beach to play with our body boards and when I was walking over to the water I stood on something smooth and cold. I went to investigate I dug up some sand and I saw a whiskey bottle. It looked really old. I washed off the sand off the bottle and I saw some writhing on it. The writing said Nephin Irish Whiskey 174 years old. I raised the bottle and I saw a letter in it. I ran over to my auntie’s and uncles and I said look what I found! “Put it down it could have some disease on it” shouted my auntie “hang on can I see it” said my uncle politely. I gave the bottle to him and he looked at it. He said that there’s a letter in it and we should try and get it out.

We looked at the really old discoloured cork and tried to open it. The cork wouldn’t open so we tried and tried and tried and tried but it wouldn’t budge so we gave up. They sent me down to the house to get a bottle opener. When I came back we tried again and it finally opened. I took the letter out it ripped a small bit because it was damp. When I looked at the letter there was some mould on it and it smelled really bad as well. I read the letter and it said:

I miss you terribly. I hope we meet up again at my ranch.

Don Carlos

I was a small bit weirded out by this by knowing that he’s well dead and he thinks I’m his love. When my cousins seen it they were weirded out too. When we went back we ordered some food. That night we played some games but I was still thinking about that message in a bottle. 


Alisha Van Der Kamp 



Message in a Bottle

One day I was walking my dog, Toby, on the beach of Old Head, when he tugged on the lead really hard. I could tell that he caught the scent of something! Eventually he stopped and started digging. I started to tug him away when I saw something. In the hole.... a message in a bottle!!
I picked it up and dusted it off. It had an old-styled cork in the top, with a letter inside, closed with a red wax seal. It was a clear bottle, quite old and the label on it was very faded. I could barely make out a date on it... 1877!! “This bottle is ancient!” I exclaimed. Toby gave a woof of agreement and an elderly couple looked my way with a confused expression on their faces.
When I got home, I got a corkscrew and stuck it in the cork. I twisted and slowly but surely, the cork came out. My fingers were too short to reach in so I tried to use chopsticks. Eventually, I got it out. The seal looked like two towers, joint in the middle by battlements. I broke the seal and read the following:

INVENTION - 60o N 73o W   
M. B.

I rushed to my nearest bookshelf and grabbed an atlas. I found 60o N and 73o W and exclaimed, “All the way in the Caribbean!?!? Oh come on!”
Twenty minutes later I had a ferry booked to go to the Caribbean Sea in four days. The day before I departed from Galway to go to the Caribbean, I had to pack. I put the piece of paper in the suitcase, along with spare clothes, money, and, most importantly, sun cream. The following day at 7:30 am I left Galway and went off on my big adventure.

Three days later, I arrived. I got a map with lines of longitude and latitude. I got a good one and figured out where I was. I decided to leave the next day. I found a hotel near a marina. It was going well!

I had hired a scuba-suit, a boat and a harpoon gun (just in case). It was a three minute walk to the marina, where I met my “chauffeur” for the boat trip. “Cap’n Blacktache!” he grunted, his black handlebar moustache moving. “At yer service.” I opened a recently-downloaded app on my phone which said your exact longitude and latitude. “45o, 50o, 55o, 60o, 65o, 70o! Stop the boat!” I exclaimed and the boat came to an abrupt halt. I prepared my equipment and donned the scuba gear. My phone was in its waterproof case, so it was protected.

I dived in and watched how my latitude changed. “73o!” I went down and came out with an old sock. I felt something... a watch! “Well,” I said to the captain. “I’ve found a new hobby!” and I slid the great invention onto my wrist.

Le Ailín Ó Nualláin


Message in a Bottle

It was a cloudy grey day. I was walking on the beach looking for shells, I was near some rock-pools. I saw some crabs, barnacles and limpets.

I suddenly saw a glimmer in the sand it was the top of a bottle! It had a cork in it too. I dug it out of the sand. It was green and it had coins and paper in it. I caught a glimpse of writing on the paper. I pulled the cork off it came off with a POP!

I turned the bottle upside down and shook it. A bunch of coins fell out. I picked the coins up, they were American dimes. I began to pull the paper out.

I tugged and pulled but then I heard a small rip. I stopped pulling and tried a different method. I found two long thin sticks. I tried to use them as tweezers. The both snapped. I got another two sticks and used them to roll up the paper. Finally I rolled it up tight enough to pull it out. I put it on the sand carefully and I stared at it. I unrolled it tentatively. Here’s what the letter said:

“Hello, if anyone is reading this. I need to tell you about the love you about the love of my life. Her name is Clarissa. She had the most beautiful green eyes, short brown hair and fair, freckled skin. She is the most beautiful girl in the world.  She is the nicest girl in the world. Her smile could light up entire cities, her eyes greener than emeralds. Alas she had to move. I hope she has a wonderful life even though I may never see her again.”

Le Criostóir Ó Leannáin


Message in a Bottle

My name is Elle, I’m thirteen years old. I just moved from Australia.  I’m now living in Co. Mayo in Ireland. I love it here. The weather isn’t like it was at home. There are less busy beaches and A LOT of rain. One day I went exploring with my sister, Jenna. She is eleven years old and she isn’t so happy that we had to move here. My parents were busy at work. My parents never fight and are always so happy but I still don’t know how they met.

We went to the beach, we love the beach. When we moved here we also got a pet dog named Billy, to help Jenna with being lonely. My feet sunk into the sand and Billy adored the light gust of wind blowing in his fur. Jenna seemed down, so i had a chat with her. Then, while having a deep conversation. Jenny fell flat on her face. I fell to my knees straight away to see if she was okay.

She said quickly, “wait!, I fell over something”. We looked at the sand where her feet her. “It was Billy. I fell over Billy” she said. But Billy was sniffing something in the sand. We pulled him away. There was a gin bottle, with a letter! I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy. Jenna and I always wanted to find one but we never did, as beaches in Australia  were always so busy.

We rushed home to open and see what was in the gnarly bottle. We got a cork screw and took it out, we struggled. We then tried to get the letter out but it was so difficult. After finding some sticks to make chopsticks, we got out the letter. It was so gross, we opened it up. This is what it said.....


Celia and I met on the 15th of August 1950. .We will have two chideren named Jenna and Elle. We met in a little town called Castlebar in Co. Mayo. We will travel the world as famous pop stars and then we will settle down in our favourite area that we travelled to and have our kids.

We were taken by the wind. I couldn’t believe it. The people in the letter were my parents talking about having us! And they were famous!?
When they got home from work I had ton of questions for them.  When were you famous?....when were you born?....how old are you?.......why did you send a bottle?. They said hey sent it so that we could find out who they really were. That they are time travellers and that we can be too! That is my story. I have now travelled the world in all its bad and good times. It is now year 3000, and I am in my flying car on the way to the moon!

3000 18th November

Teagan Ní Raghallaigh


Message in a Bottle

It was a sunny summer’s day. I was walking along Coney Island in New York. My family and I had decided to go to New York on holidays. I was walking beside some rocks when I noticed something glinting out of the corner of my eye. I walked over to it. It was a bottle stuck between two rocks. I yanked it out of the crack and discovered that there was a note in it! I couldn’t believe it! I ran back to my brother and showed him. He couldn’t believe it either! I begged him if we could open it now, but he persuaded me to wait until we got back to the hotel.

Once we had arrived at the hotel, I ran up to our room to tell mom and dad. When I opened the door, I remembered that they had gone out shooping. Ethan came in panting after running after me. “Can we open it now?” I begged. “Alright.” he said. I pulled off the soggy cork and stuck my fingers in. I pushed and I pushed but I couldn’t reach the note! Suddenly I had a lightbulb idea. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed the tweezers. I stuck them into the bottle and pulled out the note! “Woohoo!” I shouted. Ethan grabbed the note off me and opened it himself. He read it out loud.

To whoever finds this,
I don’t have long to write this. We are about to invade the Nazis. I am part of the Allies. I don’t know if I will survive. I have left a small fortune in New York.  It is hidden at Coney Island under the biggest rock. If I do survive, come and find me. My name is Henry Abraham. If you find my fortune, bring it to me.
Date: 19th of March 1945


We couldn’t believe it! We re-read it so many times. “What should we do?” I asked Ethan. “I don’t know.” he replied. “It’s probably a prank.” he continued. “Well there’s only one way to find out!” I said. “We have to go to Coney Island.”
We got a taxi to Coney Island. We searched everywhere for the biggest rock, but they all looked the same. We were about to leave when I saw the biggest rock I have ever seen. We ran over to it. How could we look under it? It must have weighed 1,000,000kg, so we definitely couldn’t lift it. We decided to push it. It took ages, but we finally managed to move it. I gasped! There was a wooden box lying on the ground. We were ecstatic!

We spent the rest of the day trying to find a Henry Abraham online. I started to look on Wikipedia. This is what I found:

August 25, 1921(age 97)


US Army

 United States



Ethan had gone downstairs to the library to see if he could find his address. He came back up to the room with an old dusty book. He had found his address. We set off to Orangeburg New York.

We arrived at a massive mansion beside Pearl Harbour. It had two balconies and had a pool and a tennis court. It was white and had pink doors. The door was massive. We rang the doorbell. We waited for almost two minutes before the door opened. An old man in a wheelchair opened the door. “Ehh..hi. My name is Ethan and this is my sister Alison. We found a bottle with a note in it at Coney Island written by someone called Henry Abraham in the year 1945.” said Ethan. The old man looked shocked. “Did you find the box?” he asked. I took the box out of my bag and handed it to him. He placed it on his laps and started to cry. “Thank you!” he said. “Come in, come in.” he said, wiping his eyes. He told us all about his time in the war. He told us that he had emigrated from Germany during the rise of the Nazis. Then, he decided to open the box. It was full of old photos of him and his family and solid gold coins. We gasped! He was already wealthy but now he was RICH! “Take these. It’s the least I could give you.” He said handing us the gold coins. “We couldn’t! They’re yours!” I said. “I insist.” said Henry. We couldn’t believe it!

When we arrived back at the hotel, we had forgotten that mom and dad would be back. “Where we you two?” asked my dad. “Long story short, we found a message in a bottle and now we’re rich!” I said excitedly. “WHAT?!” said my mom. Ethan explained the whole story to them, and I showed them the gold coins. We decided that it would be nice to donate half of the money to charities for WW2 veterans, third world countries and other charities.

“I will never forget that holiday!” I said to Ethan. “Neither will I!” he said, and off we went back home to Ireland.




Message in a Bottle

There it was, lying there peeking out of the sand: the message in a bottle. I pulled it up. It was a Chinese soya sauce bottle.  It was bigger than our usual soya sauce bottle in Ireland. It had a light blue wrapper and a light blue lid. It said on the wrapper  ‘Chinese soya sauce made in the heart of China Beijing’.
I was on a walk with my friends Alison and Sophia on a beach in Italy (on our holidays). We were wandering through the dunes when we spotted it. We were so excited to open it but we decided to wait until we got home because we had no way of getting the message out of the bottle.

When we got home we got the message out. It was hard but we did it. It said:


Message in a Bottle

I like nature so when Tidy Towns ordered a beach clean-up I went with them to help. It was the fourth of the seventh 2007.
I was cleaning the north-west side of the beach when I saw a flash of light coming off a piece of glass. I dropped my rubbish bag and all the rubbish I collected fell out of it. I then went over to investigate what it was. It was a wine bottle. It was probably one of the people from the Tidy Town committee who didn’t know that wine bottles were rubbish and drank it and threw it away. I went to pick it up and saw that it was from 1847 and there was a note inside it had private and confidential read at your own risk on the outside. I pulled out the cork but couldn’t get the note out. Then I remembered that I picked up a perfectly good tweezers on the beach. I rummaged around in the pile of rubbish and after a while I finally found it. It took over an hour to pull the note out without ripping.

To Beatrice my one and only love
You were beautiful that unfortunate night where the last time I saw you was  on the ground taking your last breath which started the series of unfortunate events that would ruin and kill so many people’s lives.
Signed,  Lemoney Snicket.

Wow I said audibly. Too bad there isn’t a date on it then I could see if this is worth anything. Look’s old from the writing though. I folded it carefully and put it into my pocket. I gathered the rubbish and acted as if nothing happened. Afterward I went to the museum to see if it was worth anything. When they saw it they took me to a private room and told me it was part of a collection of rare notes and I had the last piece. They said it was worth over five billion pounds. A few days later my mom and dad never had to work again.

From Seán.C



Message in a Bottle

One day I was walking my dog, at the beach. It was a lovely day and my dog started to sniff a pile of sand. There was a bottle buried in the pile, I picked it up and there was a note in it. I tried to open it but I couldn’t, so I brought it home.
I tried a fork, a knife, a mallet and a book. But none of them worked, them I tried a bottle opener and surprisingly it worked. They only thing that was on the note these co-ordinates 51oN 10oW, I grabbed an atlas and saw that they lead to Sceilig Mhichil. And that was quite ironic because my mam and I are going to Sceilig Mhichil weekend.

We left at 8am, it was really cold outside and foggy so it was hard to see while driving and that was scary. When we arrived we went to the co-ordinates and there was a dinosaur reading a book, when he looked at us he said that we should go for lunch in The Waffle House. So we went there and had a delicious lunch, I had a Nutella and strawberry waffle and my mam had a fruity tutti waffle. Before we left we said goodbye to the dinosaur and went back home.



Message in a Bottle

One day when I was in Enniscrone I decided to go for a walk on the beach. When I got to the beach I took off my shoes. I left them by the bridge and went for a walk on the beach. I decided to go down to the water. I got down to the water and went in. I was standing in the water and then I felt something hit my foot. I looked down to see what it was, I couldn’t figure out what it was through the water so I bent down to pick it up. It was a bottle with something in it. It looked like a piece of paper so I took it with me and went up to get my shoes. When I got my shoes I put them on and walked over to a bench, sat down and opened the bottle.

         The bottle was clear with a label on it that had faded away. I opened the bottle and tried to get the piece of paper out. I couldn’t get it out, so I looked around me and I saw a tweezers. What a coincidence! I took out the page and read it, it said:

                                                                             Lighthouse Lane
                                   US IFH
Dear Jayden,
I am writing to you about that how wonderful it is back at the lighthouse. I get to ride on dolphins and see them do tricks that I tote them.
 I especially love watching the dolphins and the fish because it reminds me of you, when you’re in the water.
I hope you got home safely. Did you manage to get the submarine ready to go home?


I read the letter and brought it home with me. The next Monday I was back at school, so I brought it into the class to show it to them. The teacher was happy with me and put it on the shelf.

Le Kayla Ní Reamoinn

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Message in a Bottle

I was walking along the sand when I noticed the tide had started to come in. When the last wave came in I saw an old rum bottle. I pulled it out because I was interested on seeing how old it was. When I pulled it up, I saw a letter inside. I thought it was very cool but, I just put it in my bag and carried on walking along the beach.
When I got home, I went straight to bed and forgot about the bottle. When I woke up I remembered the bottle. Iran straight down stairs, opened out my bag, and pulled out the bottle. It took about a half an hour to get the letter out of the bottle, but it was worth it. The letter said “Whoever receives this bottle will get a free flight to America but only if they still have the bottle.” I was shocked when I saw it. There was a number at the bottom of the page. I dialled the number into the phone. A person answered it and said” You are our lucky winner. You will get a free flight over to America but only if you still have the rum bottle. You will have to send a picture to this number and bring the rum bottle over to America with you. Congratulations well done bye.”It sounded very rehearsed but I was too excited and I just turned the phone around and took a picture. I sent the photo to the number. The reply was “Your flight to America will be this day next week. Get packing and we will see you there.”

                                    ONE WEEK LATER
I was just about to leave my house when I remembered the bottle. I ran up the stairs and got the bottle then I left for the airport. Just as I was sitting on the plane I started to realise how sketchy this looked but, I was too late the plane had already taken off and I was on my way to America.
When I arrived in America, I tried to book a plane back to Ireland within an hour, or the next day. I bought a ticket for within an hour and a newspaper. On the newspaper the headline was about French men holding people hostage and tricking then to go to America.
I am very happy that I didn’t stay in America and that I wasn’t held hostage. I got home safely and now I can always tell the story of the time I was in America for one hour.



Message in a Bottle


It was a sunny day at Keel Beach in Achill Island. I was playing along at the beach. I didn’t see a rock sticking up from the sand and I tripped. When I tripped I also saw a bottle of Olive Oil lying on a rock on the beach.

When I picked up the bottle I saw it was a black glass bottle of olive oil and I realised a Note was inside it! I brought it back to my car as soon as possible. Suddenly the bottle smashed in to shards of glass, but on the bright side I got the message out. But first I read the label on the bottle and it said made in the Gin Eva Distillery for olive oil in Mallorca, Spain. Unfortunately the letter was in Spanish and I couldn’t read the letter but I will write it out and I will translate it when I get home and go on my computer.

Hola, estoy aquí para decir que he escondido mis joyas más preciadas en la Calle Camí de Sa Torre. La razón por la que lo oculto es que me disparará un cartel de la droga.

I went back to my car and got a bucket and ran back to the site where I smashed the bottle and picked up all the shards into the bucket and drove home to translate the message in the bottle from Spanish to English.
I translated the letter to English and it said

Hello, I am here to say that I've hidden my most prized jewellery at the street Camí de Sa Torre the reason why I am hiding it is that I will be shot by a drug cartel.
I soon realized I needed to call the cops but I didn’t know anything about them all I knew is that he was going to be shot by a drug cartel.

So I booked some tickets with Ryanair to Mallorca and hired a car online. When I was at the airport I noticed quite a few people getting stopped by customs on a flight which was coming from Mallorca. I boarded the plane to Mallorca and I noticed quite a few shady people on the plane not socializing with anyone. Finally I got off the plane and I felt the nice Spanish warm air hitting my face. I got the car from the car hiring place. I booked a hotel at the nearby Hotel Riu Palace Bonanza Playa. I stayed here for a few night but then breaking news came from RTVE that a man was shot near Camí de Sa Torre that a man was shot. Then I realized I was too late I went to the street got my treasure and went back to the hotel. Inside was drugs lots of drugs I turned it in to the police I don’t know if they ever found the killer.

Joshua Ó hUallaigh 


Message In a Bottle

One Monday morning on our easter holidays I was walking down the beach with my cousin, Teagan. The night before she said “Let’s go down to the beach to swim or surfer because that’s what we did on our school tour”. We were surfing until Teagan noticed something attached to the string on her board. We went to go sit down to see what was on her surfing board. It was a bottle that looked older than both of us. We looked in it, there was a letter inside. We opened the bottle and a bunch of water came out.

Teagan found a stick to help get the letter out. After 20minutes we got the letter out. It said


Ellie, I love you I’m sorry for killing your dog. I hope you find this letter. I hope we are still really good friends. I know I shouldn’t have killed your dog, he was cute though . I hope you can call me or text me as I have gotten a new phone number. My phone number: 098667543 from sateriously in 1919.

Me and Teagan were shocked and didn’t know what to do. We brought it back home. To show our mums, they thought we were lying and they laughed we threw it on the table and said look at it and you will see. They were reading it and we seen their jaws drop. They looked at each other with complete disgust. Teagan and I looked at each other confused. They said that’s their grandad’s grandad’s grandad. Me and Teagan said “OMG! that’s sooo cool” they said they remember their grandad telling them that story. Teagan and I thought it was cool so we brought it in that following week and showed everyone it was such fun seeing everyone’s reaction.

Emma Ní Chatháin


A Letter in a Bottle

I was walking down the beach, when I noticed all the litter. I picked up all the rubbish. I picked up this weird-looking bottle. I was about to throw it away but then I noticed that the bottle was from the year 2100. It was a bottle of rum. It wasn’t see-through anymore it was this green colour. Then I noticed something moving in the bottle. I t was a letter

I pulled the cork out with great difficulty, wanting to great the letter out, but it didn’t come out. I didn’t want to force it out or to rip it.  I ran to my bike and rode home with only one hand on the handle bar and one hand holding the bottle. As I rode home, I was thinking how could the bottle be from 2100? That was in the future. I ran into the house trying to find something to get the letter out. I ran into my sister’s room looking for her tweezers. “Get out you freak, With that dirty bottle!” she shouted. I grabbed her tweezers and ran out. I put the tweezers in the bottle and pulled out the paper. I opened it slowly. It read:

Text Box: Dear Person of past Howdy Partner I need you. The world is in trouble  World War Three has started in France. All boys have been captured. I’m a time traveller but I got caught, and now I’m trapped in the future. You need to find Sally McJones and you must kill her NOW! The girls have taken over. The world depends on you Archie Andrews

I was so disappointed with this letter with this letter. It was probably a group of friends playing a prank. What a load of rubbish I thought, and with that I threw the bottle away.

80 years later
I sit here now in this camp with just males: young boys, old men, young men and old boys. I sit here thinking about that letter I found when I was nine and how stupid I was not to do what the letter said. I could have prevented all this but I didn’t. Now the girls are in charge and all boys are captured and have been put in camps.

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Suzanne Ní Thuathaigh


Message in a Bottle

I was at Old Head with Alison and Eibhlín. We were walking along the rocks when Alison saw a glass bottle in the crack of a rock and had a letter in it. Eibhlín and I insisted we open it straight away. But Alison convinced us to wait till we went back to her house. We laid the bottle down on the bottom of the picnic basket along with the wrappers of the bars we had shared between us.

We continued playing in the crevices of the rocks and then we went into the water and splashed each other. It started getting cooler so we got out of the water and dried ourselves off and put our clothes on. Alison called her Mam to pick us up, and sure enough in a few minutes Alison’s mam was there in the car waiting for us. We tidied up the area we were in and carefully carried the picnic basket across the rocks. When we got to the car we told Alison’s mam (Maria) we were just putting the clothes and bags in the boot of her car. When we got into the car we were all dying to tell Maria what we had found. When Maria asked how we were, words flooded out of our mouths. We were all talking at the same time and Maria had to calm us down and asked Eibhlín to explain what had happened. Ellen told the story how we were playing in the rocks and Alison found a bottle with a letter in it, and that we were dying to open the bottle and read the letter.

Maria was delighted that we had found a letter in a bottle and that we had a good time on the beach. But she was also very curious about what the letter would say. When we got home Maria told us to leave the bottle with the letter in it on the radiator. We did as she said and left it resting on the top of the radiator to dry out the letter inside. While we were waiting on the letter to dry out from its dampen state we made ourselves some curry noodles.  When the noodles were ready we put Netflix on the T.V and watched Yummy Mummies. After watching a few episodes of that we got up and put our bowls in the kitchen and grabbed a pair of kitchen tongs, while Alison ran upstairs to grab a pair of tweezers.

By the time Alison got downstairs with the tweezers Ellen and I had already taken the bottle off of the radiator and a piece of newspaper laid underneath it. Then Alison sat down beside Ellen and I and I took the cork out of the bottle. The smell was horrendous , and the heat from the radiator only made it worse. I flung the bottle across the room in a panic and the letter just slipped out. We were so disgusted because of the smell but exited that the letter had come out of the bottle. We ran over grateful to see that the bottle had not broken. And then we grabbed the letter of the floor and started to read it. This is what it read: Hi I’m Sara. I live in a villa rustica. Eu vivere in parva in San frater meus et parentes. Qui invenit placet hoc tibi placet monere amicus sou. Eu occurrit ei in Sina in dies festos, et scire desidero dimiserunt eam dearly. Please sum, et salvum me rescribere, ut peteret si potes. The letter was written in Latin and we spent hours on google translate to find out what language it was in and what it said. We finally translated it and here’s what it said: Hi I'm Sara. I live in a small rural town with my brother San and my parents. Whoever finds this please will you please warn my friend Sou. I met her on holidays in China and I miss her dearly. Please let her know I'm safe and ask her to write back to me if she can.

We then told our parents and they were very surprised to say the least. We then put the letter back in the bottle and popped the cork on. Later that day Maria brought us back to the beach and we placed the letter in the water so now someone else can find it and enjoy the adventure like we did.

Sophia Ní Chléirigh


A Message  in a Bottle

One Summer day, I was on the beach. I went for a walk after my swim in the sea. The sea was clean and clear, since I was in America. As I reached  a pile of rocks, I  saw something in the distance, something clear, not so tall but wide. It looked like… a drink bottle, a bottle for alcohol. I  promised myself I would pick up any rubbish I’d see so I walked over to it. It was a clear-glass rum bottle, and looked old-fashioned. The label was like bits of ripped paper a toddler had stuck on it! I could barely read it! I could read a snippet and it said the date, 2002. There was a letter in the bottle. I stuffed it into my bag and ran back to the hotel I was staying in.

I grabbed chop sticks, that I had used to eat my Chinese last night and attempted to take the letter out of the bottle. After what felt like years, I got the letter out! I was soo excited! It was a bit ripped, but I was able to read it. It said:

Dear who is ever reading this, I am gone now, no one will ever see me again. My love joined with the sea and was never seen again. Now after this world of sadness, I must go too. My family have left me, and my mother has joined with the wind. I have always loved the beach, to sink my toes in the sand, so I have decided to join them, join them in the sea and in the wind,

My name is anonymous, I will never be seen again.


My heart dropped. I felt so sad and bad for that poor person. It really moved me. I placed the letter backinto the bottle and walked into the sea. I placed the bottle on top of the water and gave it a push. I watched the bottle of thoughts swim away, hoping he or she is now happier, with the waves of the sea.
After a week in America, I did everything I thought I wouldn’t do. That letter was in my mind all hours every day. I was doing everything and kept saying YOLO! I loved America and, while I was on the plane, I thought…Will I ever see that note again?

Le Sorcha Nic Giobúin
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Message in a Bottle

One day I decided that I wanted to go to the beach. I packed my bag with stuff I needed for the visit. I put a large towel, spare shoes, a lunch and socks. I got my bag and headed towards the sea.

When I got there, I put my bag on the sand and I took out the towel. I placed rocks on the edges of the towel so it wouldn’t blow away. I put my spare shoes on the towel along with the socks and closed my bag.

I sat down on the towel and took off my shoes and socks that I was wearing. I headed for the water when I tripped and fell onto the ground because of something buried in the sand. I got up off the sand and dusted off all the sand on me. I picked up what I expected were to be a rock but it was an old bottle with a note inside.

I opened the bottle and tried to get the note out of the bottle but it was no use! I put the bottle into my bag and headed into the water. I swam in the sea for a while until I got bored and I decided to go home. I put my spare shoes and socks on and picked up my bag. I put everything back in my bag and headed back home.
When I got home I put my bag on the couch in my living room and took out the bottle. I unscrewed the cork and tried to get the note out of the bottle. I got a long metal tweezers and took out the note. After carefully unravelling the note I read it.
The note was about an old sailor called Frank that missed his wife, her name was Frances. Frances travelled to Paris to be with Frank but sadly the ship she was on crashed on the way there causing the ship to sink.  He was so disappointed and heart-broken that he wrote this letter to tell her he loved her in the hopes that her spirit would find it. I hope he found happiness again one day. 

Liselle Ní Chullinn-Ní Bhriain.



Message in a Bottle

A few weeks ago, Tammy, Thomas and myself were walking along the wet sand on the beach. While we were walking, I hit my toe on something and it hurt. When I looked down, I saw a bottle on the ground. At first, I thought that it was just an old vodka bottle, until I saw something inside.
         I took it with me back to the car. Looking at the bottle, it looked old enough. When I got back home, I open it. Inside was a note. It was hard enough to get out but when I did this is what was inside:


Who ever finds this, I want you to know you matter and don’t ever think you don’t. Today I met a girl and I think I’m in love. She’s
the prettiest girl on this planet. The smartest, I think so anyway. I know I only met her today but I hope someday she’ll be mine. Now I don’t know what year this will be found but I wrote this in 2018. I hope who ever is reading this finds love or has already found it. Also sorry it’s in a vodka bottle I couldn’t find anything else
                      -Oscar xx   -New York


After reading this I was a bit confused. At the start I thought it was a suicide note. Then I realised it was a love letter. It was really sweet and thoughtful. I showed Tammy and Thomas the letter and they both thought it was really cute and sweet.