“And know the weather by Evelyn Cusack”.  Aoife and I were so excited. We were on the edge of our seats. “Snow is promised in the west of Ireland”. We were so delighted “Snow in the winter it’s every kids dream, as snowflakes begin to appear, that suddenly there’ll be a blizzard and they’ll cancel school for a year” yelled Aoife and I. “We rarely ever get snow” said mum. “At least once every few years” said grandpa. “Girls will I tell ye a story” grandpa said.
“1982 around the beginning of January a cold spell was cast on the east of Ireland until about the fifteenth or so. 25 centimetres of snow I would say. I was living on Parkgate Street with your mam and nana. We decided to go on a stroll in Phoenix Park. It was crowded with people of all ages, all dressed in their warmest clothing, boots, hats, scarves you name it. Your mam was ten, old enough to run about. She met her friends from school and decided to build a snowman. It a half an hour to build and look here, this is the very one. The weather has changed due to that terrible global warming.  It’s weather for the ducks!”
“Grandpa was right, the weather has changed.” “Look”, Aoife said pointing at her iPad which had some old weather forecasts: Snowy winters and hot summers. “Lucky grandpa” I said. “Nowadays it’s just rain, rain, rain” mum said crossly. “It rains like there is no tomorrow” dad complained. “Well, you would know as you continuously talk about the weather” I said giggling.
We have lots of rain because of the prevailing winds from the Atlantic. Down at the equator, the air gets warmed by the sun far more which means more water evaporates into it. It rains about 225 days in parts of the west. Our weather is bad most of the time but we don’t let the rain, wind or snow get in our way. At least we don’t get weather extremes or weather which sometimes causes devastation and death. Examples of extremes are the death toll in Madagascar cyclone that killed 78 people and more of them got injured and the avalanche triggered by an earthquake in Peru in 1970 which killed 20,000 people.
Saoirse G.


Our Weather

Did you ever think about our weather if we had no weather casters. Well of course you didn’t because it’s like we rely on our weather casters, to tell us, what kind of weather we are having, or are going to have.
Before all this happened, lots of people, for example sailors, farmers and a lot of other people, used other ways to tell the weather. Farmers used windmills to tell if the wind was good or bad. Sailors told the weather by looking at the colours of the clouds. Lots of people still use these ways today.
The first weather forecast was made in 1869 in the USA. The first weather forecasts were passed on by telegraph. Weather balloons are released around the world twice daily- at midday and midnight, Greenwich Mean Time. The first weather satellite, Tiros, was launched by the United States in 1960. It beamed back the first images from space of clouds moving around the Earth.
Many flowers whose petals are wide open during sunny weather and will close up when rain is approaching. It is thought that this response is designed to stop rain washing the pollen away. When freezing conditions are expected, the relevant authorities send out trucks to treat roads with grit and salt. This helps prevent the roads from freezing over. In spring ( February to April) the average highest temperatures range from 46 to 54 F, with April considered paticulary pleasant. In summer ( May to July), The averages for highest temperatures are between 64 and 68 F. The warmest months, July and August, get about 18 hours of daylight and it gets dark only after 11pm.
In autumn, (August to October) highest temperatures inland normally reach 46 F, while the coldest months are January and February.
There is no such thing as a perfect time to visit Ireland. The summer months are considered high season for visitors. They come for the long sunny evenings, parks in full bloom, and eating lovely food in cafés, maybe al fresco! Let’s not forget in summer there are festivals around each and every corner. It’s important that there is decent weather for people to enjoy them, as it’s miserable doing activities in the cold and the wet.



Our Weather

Today’s weather forecast is sunny with a chance of rain. It is going to be around thirteen degrees for the day and seven or eight degrees this evening. Tonight will be very stormy with a chance of thunder and lightning both at the same time around two in the morning. Tomorrow will be worse, it will be breezy with periods of rain and will be eleven degrees out.
On Saturday, we have mostly cloudy weather with a couple of showers and it will be overcast with showers in places late on tonight. It will be twelve degrees midday and ten degrees midnight and there won’t be much rain that night. Sunday will be mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and will be thirteen degrees midday and seven degrees midnight and that night will be partly cloudy with scattered showers.

Monday will also be mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and will be nine degrees midday and four degrees midnight. Monday night will be mostly cloudy with a touch of rain, a lot of rain and a bit of thunder. Tuesday will be extremely rainy and there’s a sixty percent chance we will have a tornado, lightning, thunder and a hurricane all at the same time. Tuesday night will be very snowy with a ninety percent chance of a blizzard and it will be so windy that people who have parked their car on a hill should watch out. The car will speed down with the strength of the wind and there’s a chance that some slates might come off the roof. And that’s it for our forecast this week and please be careful on Tuesday, tomorrow we will broadcast information about the blizzard.

Thanks for listening, stay safe out there, take care, Goodnight.

Marcus Ó Rothláin


Our  Weather

Our weather can change often. One minute it can be dry but blustery, the next wet and cloudy another hail and sleet. It can be very wet, especially in the west of Ireland. Most tourists would here to see the scenic views and only go out in a light jacket. They often come back sopping wet and disappointed about the weather.

We have had quite a few storms. Some of the worst of them took place just last year, in 2016.We had Storm Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Eva, Frank, Gertrude. And that’s just to name a few! The worst storm to ever hit Ireland in 300 years happened on January 6th 1839.It had winds up to 185Kmh. They called it ‘The Big Wind’. It is reported that around 400 people died. Many of these storms leave devastating floods in shops, homes and fields around the country.

It can also be very warm, sunny, dry and a slight breeze. The hottest temperature to ever be recorded in Ireland was 33.3 degrees at Kilkenny Castle on 26th June 1887. Wish it lasted everywhere in Ireland! Especially in Co. Mayo. It’s usually expected to rain on St Patricks Day. Hoods up lads! This causes some festive parades to be cancelled. Since Ireland's weather is wetter than most countries, we tend to spend much longer indoors. As countries like Australia, America, Africa spend a lot more time outdoors keeping fit as the weather is dry and sunny they can walk, run, cycle to work, home and school. But Irelands weather causes more people to drive more. This is bad because we’re not the healthiest of countries at the moment. I hope as the seasons change it becomes drier and warmer.

If you’re planning on visiting Ireland any time soon make sure to bring  a good few waterproof, windproof and  big bulky coats to stay warm and. Maybe an umbrella or two will do job. Don’t forget your wellies too! This is Ireland and this is our weather.



Our Weather

Here in Ireland, nice weather is not as rare as people say. Recently, there have been lots of sunny, bright days, where the only thing you want to be doing is sitting outside with a cool drink and a book in hand. But, when it rains, it pours.
Grey clouds seem to dominate the sky above us permanently. I, for one, actually quite like the rain and the clouds when I’m inside, all warm and toasty in the sitting room. The wilder and wetter it is outside, the cosier and warmer I feel. However, if you’re walking home from school without a jacket, there will be consequences. I have been drenched to the skin so much that I’m surprised that I don’t always look like I’ve just had a freezing cold shower.

When your family loves camping more than anything else, weather is a big issue. When you’re camping right beside a beach in a trailer tent, the weather will either make your holiday the BEST holiday you’ve ever had, or the worst experience of your life. Bikes aren’t much use if you’ll get blown away while riding them, are they? Rain jackets aren’t very efficient if the biting wind still chills you to the bone. Awnings aren’t great if, on a particular stormy night, water seeps through the roof and the poles fall from the wind that blows mercilessly all night long. Why would you bring flip flops instead of wellies? Although people may use it in a spa, soggy mud is not a nice thing to have on your toes.

Every child’s Christmas wish is for snow to fall on Christmas Eve. But Ireland’s weather doesn’t seem keen to grant any wishes. Instead of soft snowfall, we get hard, stinging hailstones that soon turn to slush on the streets. Not exactly a Christmas card worthy picture.

With all the bad weather that comes our way, when the sun comes out for even a little while, people are outside with ice creams and shorts on. Lawnmowers are taken out of sheds, and the smell of freshly-cut grass lingers in the air for hours after. These kinds of days make me long for the summer holidays, where hopefully, there’ll be more warm days like it.
All in all, although our weather can be dreary and grey, when the sun does decide to shine, it only makes us appreciate it even more.  

Caitríona Seoighe


Our Weather

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle because of its greenery. This is due to our changeable weather. We have plenty of rain all year round and we have just enough sunshine.

The weather is very important to everyone in Ireland but, it is especially important to farmers. My dad and granddad are farmers and ‘what`s the weather promised for tomorrow’ has been a saying I have heard since I was very young. ‘I am hoping to put the slurry out tomorrow, I hope it doesn’t rain’ and ‘It is promised sunny next week: I`d better get the hay done’ are just a few things that Irish farmers say. The Irish weather is unpredictable, so it is a large part of our conversation and it is a great way to get a conversation started.

The weather in Ireland changes around the four different seasons. In winter the days get a lot darker. It is usually raining and it can get very windy. It’s lucky for us that we rarely ever get storms and, when we do get a storm, they aren’t as bad as the storms other countries get. It is very cold in winter but, it never seems to be cold enough to snow. When it starts to sleet, all the children run to their windows hoping and wishing that it would snow.

In spring the sun comes out more and sometimes we can get three or four sunny days in a row. Even though it is sunnier than winter, it also rains a lot during spring. As spring is warmer and sunnier than winter we start to see all the flowers and buds blooming again. Spring is also the time when all the baby animals are born.

In summer, the days get a lot longer and it can stay light until about ten or eleven o’clock at night. Even though it is summer, we still get a lot of rain in Ireland. When it is sunny during the summer it is such a great feeling as we can play outside, go swimming and go on picnics.
In autumn, all the leaves start to fall off the trees and there is colour everywhere. It also starts to get very windy and the wind blows the leaves everywhere. There are a lot of puddles because of the autumn rain. All the children love to jump in them.

We are very lucky with our weather in Ireland as it is not too hot and it is not too cold.




Our Weather

Did you ever hear the expression 'You would not put a dog out in it’… well I am a dog, an Irish one and I have been out in it! Maybe we'll start at the beginning of the year and I will tell you all about our weather. Irish weather is full of variety and not just in one season as it can all happen in one day!

Since Christmas the weather has been pleasant enough. The days are short and dark in the morning and the evenings so my time out is limited. The sky has been grey and gloomy, some rain, not much frost and snow this year as yet! We had two rough storms Doris and Ewan which I really don`t like at all as there is just no place to get away from that wind except in my kennel. It blew my feeding bowl away and my owner could not find it.

Once March is over the weather usually picks up in time for Easter and we get dry mild days, sunshine and some rain. Everything starts to grow. I see the flowers, new leaves, grass and lots more shelter for me! The mornings are the best as there can be some fog or mist when I am let out and those birds wreck my head with all their singing. I go for long walks down the land with my owner to see the new born foals. The evenings are getting longer and my bedtime has extended.

The Summer months really confuse me and this should really be called the 'rainy season' as it just rains and rains and rains during June and July. The children are inside and I am outside looking at them and I am dying for the rain to go so they can come out and play with me during those long days. On very hot days the family goes mad altogether and they go to the beach… without me as I am just too naughty and would probably fight with every other dog and anyway the beach does not have shelter and I love shelter.

Autumn weather is usually the nicest. Mists in the mornings burn off and we have dry sunny days and we still lovely long evenings. I get a load of walks as the children like to escape from their homework and stay outside. The winds in the Autumn get gustier and knock the leaves from the trees which I love as I can roll in them. Halloween brings darker, gloomy, shorter days and again we can have fierce storms. The only good thing about our weather is we don't get extremes like hurricanes, twisters, freezing or snow for long periods or really icy weather. My fur would be really tested!
This has been my all-year weather round up for Ireland.

Reported by:
The Hussey's dog!



Our Weather In Ireland

The dictionary definition of weather is as follows: “day to day atmospheric conditions of a place”. Except in Ireland ‘the weather’ means much more - the weather is a national obsession. Everywhere you go, whatever the season, everyone is talking about the weather. In this essay, I will be looking at each of the seasons in a little bit more detail.

Spring: In Spring, everything gets a little bit warmer. The first day of spring is called the vernal equinox. What does that stand for you ask? “Vernal” is Latin for spring while “equinox” is Latin for equal night. The idea that the first day of spring is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness rarely works. There is always a time when it is exact but experts say it usually occurs before the vernal equinox. Spring in Ireland is usually regarded as the months of February, March and April. I like Spring because the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and the earth comes to life with trees bursting into leaf.

Summer: In Summer, everything gets a lot warmer. In Ireland, we can have the four seasons during one day in Summer, with strong breezes, glorious sunshine, heavy rain and strong winds all in one day. In Ireland, Summer is usually regarded as the months of May, June and July. I enjoy Summer because we get long holidays from school; I can spend hours every day outdoors and I go to the beach and eat ice-cream, sometimes in the rain and cold. My birthday is in the middle of Summer, so I have an extra reason to enjoy Summer.

Autumn: In Autumn, everything gets a little bit colder. Autumn has been called the hectic beauty of death, because there is a lot of death and decay with leaves falling from trees, flowers disappearing and growth slowing down. The colours of the dying leaves can be spectacular, with reds, golds, oranges etc.  In Ireland, Autumn typically comprises the months of August, September and October.  Autumn also involves a return to school, which I never look forward to!

Winter: In winter, everything gets a lot colder. The weather is usually cold, wet and windy with very short days and long dark nights. Winter in Ireland, comprises the months of November, December and January. In Ireland, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December, also known as Christmas. I like winter primarily because of Christmas when I usually get presents.

The main thing to remember about the weather in Ireland is its unpredictability. Some days in Winter seem like Summer and some days in Summer seem like Winter. It makes planning an event in Ireland very difficult, especially if the event is to be held outdoors. I think this is the reason why Irish people are obsessed with the weather – there is never a shortage of conversation in Ireland, with the Irish weather as it is!

Micí Ó Máille